You Have Learned Well, My Son.

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  1. We've been searching for a car for my son for a few months and finally found one. 1998 Mustang Cobra. A few miles on it but was a good price. I even suggested a 98 Z28 at one point but his heart was set on a Cobra. So like his father before him (My first car was a 78 Cobra II), Mustangs are in the blood. I'll get more pictures soon,

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  2. This is his first car I take it? Proceed with extreme caution....
  3. should be one happy camper!
  4. Very very cool first ride, I could have only dreamed of something that nice my first go 'round. First lesson- Do NOT smash the throttle in the middle of a turn until you understand power oversteer inside and out. If I had a dollar for every one of my friends who smashed up a Mustang because they couldn't figure out how to counter-steer properly haha.
  5. Congrats! I never had a chance to own a Cobra. One day...
  6. Nice Stang, Im sure he is in love with it. Glad he stayed with Ford and didn't get a Chevy.