you have to be ****ing joking this is ****ing me the **** off

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  1. the lifters and motor were pre-lubed as well

    I use cooke's garage in rocky mount, no one in Raleigh to answer someone else's question
  2. Go check out Randy Haywood at Haywood Custom Speed over near the fairgrounds. I can give you his number if you want and he's a lot closer than Rocky Mount.
  3. Im living in Rocky Mount right now though, Im going back to raleigh for school in mid august, and then hopefully not going back to rocky mount next summer.
  4. status update:

    the rocker arm bolts were not overtorqued, so thats out my thinking now is one of these 2:

    1. The heads were milled and I wasnt told, therefore increasing PR length


    2. I bought some Trick Flow valve springs, double spings good up to .600 length supposedly, are these springs too much and they and the rockers/cam is not strong enough to open well and they are breaking? This is what I am leaning towards right now, someone please tell me if this is a plausible scenario.
  5. who setup the springs when they were installed? Are they the correct spring for a stock head? Are the springs shimmed correctly? Something is causing bind, the rocker bolts are the weakest link, so they are breaking first.

    pull a valve cover, and crank the motor over by hand, and kind of inspect the valvetrain events. that'll probably tell you what is going on.

  6. I had my mechanic put together my heads, so he knows what he is doing so they should be shimmed correctly, and they should work on a stock head, why wouldnt they :shrug: but what im asking is are those springs too strong for the cam, therefore not working correctly and putting too much tension on the rockers, causing them to snap?
  7. I don't know if it is possible to do that. But i believe if springs are stronger the worst case scenario is faster wear on the cam, lifters, and valves.

    I hope you get it figured out. When you do let us know what the culprit turned out to be.