you have to love pick-n-pull

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  1. I was passing the time at pick-n-pull, hoping that some how an sn95 with a straight front end would be inside, when I stumbled uppon an early 80's GT. I popped the hood and found a 302 with no heads or intake, but with a pair of semi shiny shorty headers.

    They had extra thick flanges and the tubes were smoothly bent with no kinks. This is a big step beyond the ugly factory headers on my car. There's no egr port, but I figured that I could disable it if I ever get a tweecer. As I was leaving with the headers, I spied a dual inlet air cleaner and took it as well.

    Later at home, I found a part number and looked on the web. The headers are JBA 1620-2 chrome fire cone shorty headers '79-93.

    I'm pretty happy, what was your best junkyard find?
  2. I found an old tractor exhaust we fit to a 93 Geo Metro we tried to make into a rally car... :D
  3. My best junkyard find??

    Some Halo headrests, a 140MPH speedo and some '85 taillights
  4. Found a PERFECT '90+ LX hatch (4 banger with 50,000 miles) in a local yard. I grifted the perfect doorpanelsand center console with armrest delete plate and working ashtray door and put in a car I sold 1 month later :bang: It would have been the perfect candidate for a 5.0/5-speed swap. No rust whatsoever (this is in WI mind you, the land of salt and gravel) and all of the panels were completely straight and un-dinged. If it's still there when I get back to WI in May, I will pick that sucker clean of it's straight front fenders, hood, and doors just to have. Didn't have the money to buy the stuff last year when I first stumbled on it.
  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess, but my best junkyard find was something(s) I didnt get. The place had four Merkur XR4Tis and one hadnt even been touched. Also found an early '90s Taurus SHO, and about 15 5.0 HO Fords and Lincolns.

    Nothing as good as a set of JBA headers, though.
  6. some mandrel bent longtubes off a 351, i dont know what kind they are my friend has them on his car. mandrel bent though!
  7. Mike, i saw your halos. what do they come out of? (that was what i was gonna ask you when i stumbled upon your , ahhhh, soiled interior thread).
  8. I found a metal ash tray door. At least that won't be breaking again :D
  9. I love our Pick a Parts places. I got 4 mint halo headrests from Escort GTs for $4 each, an almost complete VGC 90 LX black interior (minus seats & carpet) for......$88. A Ford Motorsport 140 speedo cluster for $20. Mark VIII fan for $35. Turbocoupe rear end with 3.73 for $60, Mark VII rear brake setup and Ranger axles for about $100.

    My list could go on...........

    Did I say I love our Pick a Part places? :D

    Oh yes, I almost forgot.... I found an almost complete 84 or 85 SVO there once. It was missing the original interior and a few other items (taillights, trim, etc) but if I had the $$$ and time I would have bought it all and parted it out.

  10. Last winter there was an 88GT in the junkyard with a BBk 70mm TB, 140MPH motorsport dash, some sort of B&M shifter (I didnt get the shifter), equal length headers (I didnt get those either), and mint grey seats. All got all of that for somewhere around $40. And I have the seats in my satang now.

    A couple of months ago I grabbed an 8.8 with 373 gears and SSM liftbars for $50 from an 88 GT in a junkyard.

    And this tops them all right here. I didnt find this but some lucky BASTARD got it. Ported upper/lower stock intake
    70mm TB (the same one from the 88GT above)
    Powerheads (ported stock E7s with bigger valves, etc)
    underdrive pullies
    mac shorty headers
    brand new flowmasters
    That was all the parts that came from my previous mustang I wrecked back in MAY of last year. I seen it in the junkyard stripped of everything besides the block, everything was new besides the block! Everything from the oil pump to the upper intake and from the waterpump to the starter!!
  11. Hmm,
    My local pick and pull will not sell any part out of the yard that is exhaust related.
    Wierd huh?
    Must be a state law thing, the boss told me that the state of delaware cannot sell anything exhaust related.
    It really sucks too b/c it is one less thing I can get out of the yard.
    I got a 3g alternator and wiring harness out of a 95 gt for 35 bucks though.
    That is hands down the best deal I have ever got. :D
  12. Maybe that is the law, but they could be just taking it to the extreme. I know from our local PAP they do not sell converters….but it is more due to recycling than anything. The manager of one told me they get $25 for EACH converter as a core. They had guys that work there stealing them and selling them on the side. Since they cracked down, they now run 3-4 18 wheeler loads a year vs 1-2 loads before, and each load is $250,000!!! Or so he said.
  13. i never find anything good in my local yards. when i had my datsun 4x4 i knew where a couple of them were so i got some good parts (they were nissan though but same thing).
  14. I have never been to a pick and pull, but I get the same thing at my local yards. The yards I have visited have been sh holes. They try to charge you as much for used parts as you could get new in a store. For example $40 for a rotor for a 150 when the zone has new rotors for the same price. $100 for exhaust/intake manifold for 300 six. $1000 for a 351 out of an old truck with the front acc. None of these Items were purchased (by me anyway), but that is what they wanted for them.
  15. Funny about this post. I was just patting myself on the back wanting to tell someone, my wife could care less... Today at the Pick-and-Pull I found the following list of cool stuff. On one 92GT I got a Motorsports TFI coil (I pulled the sticker off before checking out), 1.6 Crane RR's, EFI computer, mini starter, Motorsports crankshaft damper. On another, the top of the engine was torn down, but I got an Edlebrock H2O pump, and 24# injectors. I also picked up a 3.8 Taurus Elec. Fan, Bosch high output inline fuel pump, and an Inertia switch. (I am doing a 5.0 conversion into a 68 Mustang) Got it all for the huge sum of $89.00. How's that for cool. :nice:
  16. I'm glad some of you are finding good deals, but I can sympathize with the rest of you. The three self serve yards I frequent are usually a rip off. Sure, I could pick up a few mkVII and TC rear ends, but they are all thrashed, only good for a core, or someone with a really low budget. All of them need a set of rotors and a caliper rebuild, and most of them are seized up. The price for those boat anchors: $130.

    My chance of finding a MAF car is zero. They cherry pick all of the new cars that come through and they don't keep track of what they have in the yard, so it's allways a gamble.

    I just got lucky when they missed those headers. It's a lot different when luck is when the yard accidentally leaves good parts in the cars, instead of finding a new car first and grabbing the goodies.

    Good luck.
  17. Hey hllon4whls which yards you go to? I've been looking for some seats, but I havent had a chance to get out. Kenny Dwyer is a joke with his prices, Bill's didnt have any good stangs last time I went there, and Hingles had NO Mustangs left.
  18. I don't know if this qualifies, but two college friends of mine went to the local pickNpull and took a 86gt they had with 230,000 for a spin to test drive it. This junkyard is split into two buisnesses, one the salvage yard, the other the truck towing buisness, all owned by hte same guy. In between the two buildings is the entrance to the yard. It is somewhat secluded. My friends proceded give this mustang it's last ride. They did donuts, hit trashcans, and even drove through a corn field. I think they actually went to hell and back. They took (snuck) it back to the place without being seen, and left. :shrug: The car never turned over again. True story, as i've ripped out the interior of the same car.
  19. Best thing I ever found was an ashtray door spring, I just want the snow to melt so I can go find myself a headlight!
  20. I went back home to Illinois to visit my family and decided to visit the local yard and found a slew of wrecked Lincolns with babied 5.0's. They all had the cast aluminum valve covers, and roller cam stuff but I didnt have the means to pull out the lifters. I did grab all the brake parts off a Mark VII for the disc conversion on my Mustang. Of the 10 days I spent back home the wife and I went to the yard for 4 of em. The best part was checking in a 70 pound buffle bag full of rusty brake parts at the airport!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Well worth the trip since I cant find this stuff at the stripped San Diego yards.