You Just Can't Fix Stupid :(


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Apr 27, 2013
My husband and I have been so excited about getting ready to order parts for our '92 fox body, but it just couldn't go smoothly. We live about 15 minutes outside of Midland, Texas, and yesterday w were travelling on I-20 in our 2011 5.0 when I got sideswept and run off the road by an 18 wheeler :(! Luckily we didn't get hurt, and didn't flip nor spin out into oncoming traffic, but damnit now we have more on our plate. What's most aggravating is that the driver of the 18 wheeler acted like he was going to exit and we thought he would come around, but all he did was take the exit and hightail it out of there!!!!! Now I understand you as the driver of a company vehicle, such an incident could be costly...but how the hell do you decide it's not your responsibility to pull over and at least make sure you didn't just kill two people!!!

Anyway, now we're the ones that have to go through our insurance and figure this all out. I am sorry if this is really nothing worth threading about, just felt like venting, and right now it's 4 am so have to do it online.

If I could ask for one piece of advice this would be great: We have a family member who is currently the service manager for an All American Chevy dealership who will help us out, but my question is should we take it there being that we know the car will be taken care of as far as not getting stuff stolen or what have you....or should we just take it to a Ford collision Center?

We don't know what kind of unseen damage may have occurred to the suspension and what not, we just want to make sure this does not go overlooked.


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Jan 4, 1985
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If the family member is real mechanic (which I suspect that he might be) then he knows cars. More importantly, he should know what those things are that he doesn't know and who to ask in order to get the thing done right.

What's more, I doubt that he would let the insurance company get away with crap parts and inferior repairs where an uninterested party might.


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Apr 27, 2013
Thank you both, I appreciate the advice. It just sucks that people around here can never respect fellow drivers or their vehicles. I just wish I had thought to invest in a dash cam..if we had, the guy would be toast. Although we thought about taking it to the family member, we decided to go ahead and take it to ford since we've had good experiences with them thus far, and we got the rental right there at too.


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Oct 7, 2003
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The guy would be toast only as far as being held responsible. Payment is a whole other story though. He might not have insurance and might not have the means to cough up $15,000 to pay to fix it. His wages could be garnished, but that will take years to collect. Etcetera, etcetera. It sucks. People just suck sometimes.

Did anyone see the accident? Do you think anyone reported the driver? If so, I sure hope the person gets caught.

I hope it works out for you in the end. Good luck.


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Apr 27, 2013
Well you're right about the payment stuff probably. But the payment is the entire thing....a big part. But it'd feel good at least to be able to catch him on camera and say "I caught you red-handed mother******!". And yea, people definitely suck a lot of times lol. Anyway, I guess we're lucky it wasn't worse.

I know that there were alot of people on the road, but no one bothered to stop.

Thank you for the concern! It's nice to just vent and know there's people in the world that care :D


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Feb 22, 2007
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That sucks to hear, and even more to see! Glad you two are ok though. A wreck with an 18 wheeler can go from fender bender to carnage (and death) very quickly! I work in the transportation industry, and it does not surprise me one bit that the A hole just took off. He probably was over his hours of service for the day, or was running under any one of many other illegal situations and didnt want to be caught. Good luck with the repair, hope she looks good as new and you dont have any further hiccups with the repair process.


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Feb 22, 2013
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Wow, glad you two are ok, Ford will take care of you. If you have problems there is a Deshay on another forum who helps.
She is a Ford service rep.
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