You know what chaps my hide every time?

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  1. ....Shelby stripes on a Mopar. :nonono:

    Seen today on a Neon. I wish I had my camera.
    To make it even better, the guy had his seat reclined about as far as it would go. Gangstaaaa!
  2. srt-4 > mutags

  3. well shelby did some dodge daytonas back in the 80's, quite a few are still around. That might be waht you are seeing
  4. What's a mutag?

    Reminds me of the classic saying, 'Arguing on the internet is like racing with a SRT-4. Even if you win, you're still driving a Neon'. :rlaugh:
  5. mutag = mustang
    Kebra or Kewbrah = cobra
    srt-4 = neon or anything rice
    teh = the
    yuo = you

    there are a few other ones. It's basically stupid interweb lingo
  6. U r teh suxor. U will be bant. :ban:
  7. and all them words came about cause someone was typeing to fast, no normal human that can type would perpiouscly mispell a word like the.
  8. I think the Viper is the main reason all of the Dodge trucks and neons have Viper stripes all over them. Plus, Shelby did help with the development of the Viper. There was even a very limited edition Shelby Viper.
  9. and the shelby daytonas in the 80's
  10. After ford dumped shelby around the 70s I think, he went off and went to dodge. He designed the Viper, and did the daytona dakota as well. He's the reason SRT was started, and also the reason SVO (the turbo 4 banger eco-powers of the mid 80s), then later SVT (the powerhouse V8s after 93), and now he is back at ford with SVT making the GT500. Did you know Shelby sued ford after they started using the Mustang GT designation and expecially when they used the Mustang Cobra? The GT and Cobra designations were his and he wanted royalties, and I think he did get something.
  11. Yuo are teh sexorz :drool: