You know what grinds my gears ? ( 8.27.06 )

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  1. You know what grinds my gears ? ( 8.17.06 )

    I went on a vacation with my family to hawaii, after a wonderful week of non stop drinkinging and nonstop fat eating out, flight got delayed 8 hours from 2pm to 10-11pm (1am) Pacific time. After waiting 8 hours to board my flight i was happily inctroduced to baby daniel who was more than happy to cry from 1am pacific time to 6am pacific time the whole flight back to cali. LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME. END OF STORY.

    <--- angry exindust after a 5 hour flight of angry baby to work at 9am the next morning.
  2. You know what grinds my gears ? ( 8.27.06 ) x2

    I work in a service industry where i goto cusomters houses to service such items as their computer. When i walk in your door keep you fkn dog off of me. I cant count how many times i walk in the door and the dog is all of my freshly pressed pants leaving hair and wrinkles all over me. PEOPLE your dog is like a child. KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME. TRAIN YOUR DOG. IT IS RUDE TO HAVE IT JUMP AND POOP ON ME.


  3. Nothing steams MY beans like people giving dirty looks because my kid is crying. We were all kids once lighten the f'k up :mad:

    Kids cry, that is the way it is.
  4. Babies are one thing. What's really bad is a 5 year old kid who:

    • Won't shut up.
    • Won't stop kicking the seat-back in front of him/her (mine).
    • Has to be constantly (and loudly) entertained by his/her parent.

    For the love of humanity...give the kid a rufie before you board the plane.
  5. :lol: :lol: I know what you mean!
  6. Today is the 17th of august.
  7. :lol: :lol:

    The airlines don't ever tell you what those emergency doors are really for... I mean sure, a few people may get sucked out along with the kid, but damn is it sweet to see that whining bastid plummet 20,000ft. There, now you have something to scream about
  8. You know what really trips my trigger? Parents that won't feed their kids Tylenol cough syrup 5 minutes before boarding!! You know your kids gonna start waaaaaaing, and you know everyone is going to hate you for it, dose 'em out and enjoy the movie!
  9. What about wearing some headphones like listening to an iPod, CD player, personal DVD player/Computer?? Or a beer??

  10. Headphones don't help when a kid starts doing leg presses against your back.
  11. WTF.. It's not the 27th?
  12. OOPS your right... its not the 27th the rum musta had ahold of me when i was searching for the date.
  13. Wait a minute?!! Why in hell would you want to take kids on vacation anyway? I thought that was the point of going on a vacation!

  14. True, but most kids generally fit in the overhead container.. :) Those that don't, can be checked prior to flight, and claimed once the aircraft is on the ground...

  15. I agree with you killy, most of the time when i see the whiny controlling little devils, i just look at the parents and thank god for birth control.

    This post was more geared towards the little bastid in the seat behind me on my airplane while i was flying at 3am in the morning after being delayed 8 hours, try sleeping through that :nono:

  16. I cant freaking agree with you more.. whats worse is nasty ass people who dont have the commen courtesy to clean off there disgusting desk knowing I will have to work on the PC. Makes me want to just kick the monitor in and walk out. Or better yet when they have DOG FECES behind the computer desk!!!!... Some people are just DISGUSTING!!!!
  17. can someone ban this drunk? LOL
  18. :lol: classic