You know what grinds my gears?

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  1. The fact that when I came home for a lunch break "Tyra" was on (she has a talk show now too :eek: ) and there are wars being faught, people are dying, and Tyra has 2 individuals on TV, a man and a woman, explaining their intimate fear of Clowns.
  2. The world as we know it is ending :nonono:

    Sad, so sad.
  3. I was thinking when you left off the clutch too soon. :D
  4. Dude, I effin hate clowns! They are why I carry a sidearm in civilian clothes!
  5. tyra banks is teh sexeh.
  6. There's no sense in letting stuff like this get to you. Life goes on.
  7. Peter griffin.
  8. people stuck in the 19th century! why don't they get with the freakin' times? It's called an 'automobile'....

    I get what you're saying, all these celebs getting their own shows and they're all the same. 100% garbage.
  9. :notnice:
  10. Steely Dan has a song about this kind of thing...

    "Show business kids, making movies 'bout themselves..."
  11. I'd do Tyra :drool:
  12. Have you seen the video of her removing her bra? Yum.
  13. You know what grinds my gears? My T3650.
  14. I'm totally with ya there!
  15. I thought it was the other way around... you grind the 3650's gears? :shrug: :D
  16. No but i would like to. Link please??:D
  17. Tim = Teh Win