You know what grinds my gears?

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  1. This is why, im not into customer service, or, whatever it is you do. I cant imagine doing this everday without lighting a bowl to calm my nerves.

    But, still, some of this is pretty funny, the v6 one got me crackin up a bit....same with the, "mom, can i get these wheels" lmfao.

    Hopefully your job gets easier man, haha.
  2. Could be worse. They could be trying to make a 4 banger fast. :stick:
  3. Your shifting?
  4. The language thing is beginning to become a serious problem for me. I live in Texas and have lost numerous job opportunities because I don't speak Spanish. Yeah, that's right, I'm not able to get a job to support myself in my own country because I can't speak to foreigners who refuse to conform to OUR society.

    ......I need to take a deep breath and relax. I'm not going to say anymore on the topic because its just going to get me heated.
  5. if you're gonna complain about your job that much, get a new one.
  6. Ummm, yes.
  7. All that ranting and you didnt say anything about your boss??? Come on you can do better!
  8. We will soon be the minority.

    I'm not racist, my best friend is black, but we both agree, the illegals have to stop. Things are getting out of hand, and I see it first hand in all of the schools I run my business in.

    OP, sounds like your job sucks. If you have different talents, I'd get a new job.
  9. Oh believe me, Im the definite minority here already. Its so bad that a quarter of the commercials I see on TV here are in spanish. More and more of the public advertising here (ie. billboards, signs, etc) are in spanish. Im fairly sure that a quarter of our total city population is spanish-speaking only. I swear to God sometimes I feel like I live in freakin' Mexico.

    What really aggrivates me is that many of them, in this case Mexicans, make absolutely no attempt to assimilate whatsoever. They come here (half the time illegally) and expect to live exactly how they did in Mexico. Some even come, make no attempt at seeking employment, and live off of government programs such as food stamps that comes out of our taxes. What REALLY ticks me off is when they look at me in utter disbelief and shock because I dont speak spanish......AS IF I HAVE TO :mad::fuss::fuss:
  10. i know exactly what your saying,
    i work at a supermarket "FIESTA MART" in dallas as a front end manager i deal with stupid
    people all day every day to make things worse it's in "da hood" ive been in retail 14 years
    it will kill you if you let dumb ass people get to you dont bring home to work and dont bring work to home
  12. shutup newb
  13. [​IMG]

  14. I see all forums are the same, it's cool though i can take my initiation.
  15. Finally, a newb that I might start to like!:flag:
  16. :nice:
  17. You must be a Mexican
  18. or a mexi can't lol