You know what grinds my gears?

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  1. And maybe get out a bit. The mere fact that you think it's reasonable that people all across a continent the size of North America all speak not only the same language BUT the same dialect is humorous.

    Yeah, all those things might irritate, but at the end of the day people are calling you to spend money. If you can't figure out that math nobody can help you.

    Try tech support. Then you get to answer the phone all day just to hear pissed off people making very valid points.
  2. 50% of my job is tech support. "I just bought this intake from you guys and it doesn't have bolts, was it supposed to have bolts? Do I really need bolts? Can I just glue this down? I think superglue might work, what about cement? Could I cement my intake into place? I can???? Awesome, call you back if I need any more help."
  3. I have a new one.

    -Don't call me after recieving a part and say "I don't think this bolt/screw/part is going to work" and then proceed to tell me "I haven't tried it yet but....."

    Your EYE is not a micrometer!!! You can't eye up a bolt you dolt!
  4. Oh my god this one pisses me off a ton. When you are giving part numbers, please understand there is a BIG difference between 20 and 2o. Don't be rattling off "bee eight one oh oh two" and get pissed when I ask you if you mean zero or "O".

    I was saying "Oh as in Oscar or zero sir?" "Oh" "Oh as in Oscar or Zero sir........." "OH!!!". Really??? I mean REALLY???
  5. I don't have a problem with people immigrating to this country either. Hell, the United States was formed off of immigrants.

    The problem, just like everyone is saying, is the complete lack of respect that SOME (not all) immigrants show for the United States. Not only by not obtaining a legal citizenship, but by putting ZERO effort into learning the language, ZERO effort into finding employment and just running off of "the system". What is become VERY common is immigrant families coming over with an expecting child, birth the child in the US, and in many states, they are 100% safe from deportation or anything since it's technically a "U.S. born" child. The parents are then legal as well.

    Forget that crap. I have no desire to pay for your ass to have kids and do nothing productive. Not to mention there is an increasing amount of drug activity coming from our friends South of the border. And with that, gang activity increases, so on and so forth.

    Point is, I am not a racist/prejudice/supremest... my girlfriend is not the same race I am and we catch crap from it because of where we live. But I do feel that someone who is immigrating to the U.S. NEEDS to conform to our language/laws/reality and not try to live in their country in our country. Bring your heritage, bring your culture, celebrate it all you want, but be able to interact with the populous of our country in the manner that we all can. Just to clarify, this is not direct at any single group... Mexicans aren't the only immigrants that come over and do this, but they are definitely the most prominent in doing so, and that's no secret.


    Oh, and I'm glad these threads are popping up. I feel like we're saving 4.6 talk from a slow, painful death.
  6. EXACTLY...I really don't give a damn how you got here...but once you're here make an attempt to be part of OUR society...

  7. GREAT responses in this thread :rolleyes:
  8. Just wondering how the "pests" feel about you? Are you on the cockroach family's X-mas card list? :eek: :)
  9. +1 on if you come to this country to speak english. Now some of us and our children have to learn spanish in school to graduate. Which is cool to learn another language but, at the same time shouldn't they do the same. They are ignorant and stupid people on both sides of the fence. We just have to deal with them and keep it moving.
  10. I think they planned on it but i destroyed their local Hallmark building so... ya know. :D
  11. He must have used Ebonics 2.0:D
  12. LOL I had to take 4 years of spanish in high school.......I was no better the last day of my senior year than I was the first day of my freshman year.
  13. Well I was born and raised in one of the "bumpkin" states Mississippi. I have spent most of my life here. I did have a chance to leave when I joined the US AIR FORCE. My first duty station was in England. I spent years there and then several other places. Now that I'm out of the service and I work in a heavy equipment dealership where I am the Service Manager.I do speak English and have also became fluent in redneck and Ebonics, but I still have trouble with dialects for Wisconsin and Boston, though I'm working hard on it. Don't give up!
  14. stupid thread, looking forward to it going away and the OP's inevitable ban.

  15. Why don't you go back to pretending you have me on your ignore list. More like Crymore Trout am i rite?
  16. i dont think its a stupid thread at all i think there is alot of validity behind it. after all he has the right to speak his mind who are you to call him stupid if you dont like the comments then you can just not click the title next time. save yourself the headache and move on.
  17. you know what grinds my gears. when you purchase a product in America and the main directions are in mexican or some crap and the secondary instructions, or the ones you have to search the manual for are the english ones.
  18. You know what grinds my gears? My crappy T3650. Seriously, my gears grind when I shift sometimes.
  19. You know what also grinds my gears is ****ing criminals.........i dont care if you speak martian only, just dont hurt anyone