You know what grinds my gears?

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  1. This is my list of things that I hate. You can go back to ignoring me (please)
  2. just a thought. Wasps were immigrants. They came over and forced their language and culture on the natives here. Hell, they even killed a bunh of them. If anything we should all learn how to speak whatever form of language the original natives spoke. Of coarse thats not ever goanna happen because it wouldnt be profitable.
    Dont blame the imigrants for not wanting to learn a new way in a new environment. Blame the corporatocracy america has become. The signs and advertising in spanish are just the greedy capitalist trying to target a demographic to make more money. Do you really think the "phat Cats" care about jose learning english? If you goanna complain about **** try looking at the whole picture. Our capitalistic culture is really to blame for many of the problems we have in this country. Dont expect the hispanic takeover to stop anytime soon either. As long as there is money to be made and someone is willing to do it for less, think will continue to go downhill for all of us.
  3. Since you have finally been banned I see no need to put you back on my ignore list... :rlaugh:
  4. Why was he banned?
  5. For extreme douchebaggery.
  6. +1
  7. old people....

    I been tradin' here for 27 years!!
    (me): Sir, we've only been here for 3 years...

    Old people: I know the owner, and I'm gonna make sure he knows about this....
    (me): I am the owner...

    Young punks: My dad is a lawyer that deals with this kind of thing and we're gonna sue you for price gouging!!

    me: Can you even spell price gouging?(<---maybe I can't either)

    Dumbasses: Why don't you go back where you came from.

    Me: Why don't you-your house probably has wheels anyways. It'll be easy.
  8. One particular dumbass: Really? You can't bring raccoons in here?! I usually don't have trouble anywhere else! I'll take my bidness elsewhere.

    Another dumbass: You have to take my credit card, it's the law!!!
    me: Ma'am our credit card machine is down, we can't run anyones cards right now.
    The system should be back up later, sorry for the trouble.
    dumbass: I work for the attorney general and I'm gonna have him shut you down!!!
    me: please don't say anything cuz your boss will think you're an idiot and fire you.


    I MEAN, WTF. WTF!!!
  10. lol actually this is a pretty funny thread....
  11. I lold... :rlaugh:

  12. Honest to god truth. I can't make that shat up Kilgore. It's an ongoing joke at work. Everytime we have a dumbass customer, we HAVE to reference the raccoon.
  13. maybe it was a seeing eye raccoon.:shrug: But he didn't look blind so we couldn't let that chit fly.:nono:
  14. Now that is offensive to raccoons!!!!

    PETA (People Entering Terrified Animals) will hear about this!!!!:nono: