You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. When you park on a slight incline and you stick your leg out and it gets crushed by your door because it won't stay open :shrug:
  2. My wife will roll down the window for me even if I don't see it. I think deep down she does it for herself.
  3. ...When you're driving your wife's car and you automatically try to push in a clutch, that isn't there!
  4. ...when you can WHOOP ASS on 1969 Muscle Car with a Big Block :p
  5. ....When any speed over 100mph your hood looks like its in a life or death battle to say on you car !
  6. .....When you used to be good about wearing your seatbelts, and then you bought your first mustang and realize they dont retract so you dont wear them.

    .....When people say your crazy for driving around with 4.10',s or 4.30's in your car.

    .....When burnouts are your favorite thing to do.

    ...when you spend 600 on cams instead of 150 on a cam.
  7. When you meet up with other mustang lovers and you cruise the streets and the bow-tie boys give you a thumbs down.:D
  8. .....When you feel bad about modding your daily driver.
  9. If this gets as big as it is on other forums I should hope I never have to make a single post that big haha. It's kind of fun to read along the journey and see peoples comments anyway. Gives the general public something fun to look at on the slow days here at StangNet. :D
  10. ....When you feel bad about taking your daily driver to the drag strip...but do it anyways.:nice:
  11. Heard that one loud and clear.:lol:

    ... when the interior of your car doesn't feel right if the Traction control light doesnt has "OFF" lit up.

    ... when a highway on-ramp is really just a curved DOT approved quarter mile to you.

    ... when the car in front of you is doing 50 on a long straight 55mph road... and your eyes light up as you downshift. :nice:

    ... when you give the car a nickname ("Vegas" in this case)... and just so happen to find a t-shirt that says "I <3 Vegas"... and everyone in town knows thats your cars name. haha.

    ... when someone asks you if you want to sell it every... damn... day.
  12. When you troll Craigslist looking for a beat up/non running Mustang to become your next fix up "project".
  13. when you overdraft your bank account so you can have the next performance mod this week instead of next!!
  14. When you go to launch hard and your engine bogs down just to say "f***in traction control"
  15. :rlaugh::nice: Best one so far!
  16. hahaha happened to me soooo many times
  17. Like he one ever. Actually saw an on-ramp to I-65 south in Clarksville IN, that had a posted 35 mph speed limit.:rolleyes:
  18. Well if I ever find that on ramp I'm going to have to be the bearer of bad news to the local PD.:D

    On ramps put my Tr-Ax to good use haha.:nice:
  19. :mad::mad::mad:

    The worst thing about my car.

  20. When you pull up to a red light next to another Stang, GTO, or Vette and
    you get an adrenilin rush for some reason.