You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. yeah that one gets old really quick...but half the time its the people that couldnt even afford a beat up geo metro that ask you if you want to sell it lol
  2. .....whom are often the same people that knowing what time, effort and money you've got into it, would still offer you next to nothing for it and scoff at you when you deny their offer.
  3. When your neighbors, people in parking lots, friends, and relatives ask you how they can make their mustang sound as good as yours. I've had so many people say "Oh man what mufflers on are on that?".....

    Yeah probably has nothing to do with the long tubes or anything :(
  4. ya i hear ya on that one!!

  5. i got a ticket for going 95 around that exit ramp. cop was in a impala that was camoflaged as a ricer. he had to catch up needless to say.
  6. When:

    People joke that your car sounds like bubbling/boiling water:shrug:
    You think twice about installing Longtubes yourself.
    You have to remind people that to get to the backseat the switch is BEHIND the front seat and not beside it.
    You notice another Mustangs headlights behind you and somehow...someway the traction control turns off.
    You drop your trunk lid close with ease but have to slam the hood.
    You hear another V8 Mustang and try to identify the muffler brand. "Sounds like Magnaflows on that Cobra. That 5.0 has Flowmaster just like the rest."
  7. :nice:
  8. ......When you don't anyone sitting on your backseat delete.:nonono:
    ......When you get a back seat delete so nobody sits in the back seat.:D
  9. you realize that after you start a header install that its not such a bad idea to pay someone your next paycheck to install them for you!!

    you also realize that traction control is for the weak minded
  10. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh: i thought that was just my car haha
  11. Not sure if it's been posted....

    ...when your significant other seriously asks if you love your car more than her/him.


    ...when you have to put a rag up against the door and the A pillar so water doesn't run in when you're washing the car.
  12. I hate hate hate those people.:nonono:
  13. YES , what the hell is with this ! and for the guys that dont know about this , remove your bottom rear seat and you will see :mad:!
  14. ...when you can lift twice as much with your left leg than your right leg.
  15. I do this one.
  16. ...when you find any excuse to start it up and let it run during the hibernating winter months, just so you can hear it.
  17. ...When your stock 4R70W Mustang shifts like a Town Car:nonono:
  18. I don't know about yours, but both of my granddad's autos (01 GT and 04 Mach) shift like there's no tomorrow. The GT will really bark the tires unless it's nice and warm outside, and the Mach has gone sideways every time with me when it shifted from 1st to 2nd.

    Although my 98 used to be horrible (before the programmer). They call it a slushbox for a reason!

    You have more than 5 Mustang magazines setting in your living room, that you have read through at least 10 times each.

    You have set off car alarms with your exhaust.
  19. The setting off car alarms....haha both of my cars do that.
  20. WHAT ? oh brother :D! I guess anyone running a stock pre 99 4R70W would think that but live every day with a stock 99+ 4R70W Mustang and you would change your mind for sure !

    When I was stock, shifting manually it would chirp from 1-2 but if it was put in D it shifted slow and soft and would never , to save its life chirp . My mustang had enough power to run a 14.0 and 99mph bone stock when shifting myself but the few times I tried running it in Drive my best was 14.4:rlaugh:

    J-Mod your granddad's Stangs and you will realize how Towncarish a stock 99+ 4R70W really is !