You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. DO IT! :D
  2. ... When your seatbelts constantly tangle or quit working and your old Chevy Truck with 250,000 hard miles has perfectly good belts
    ... When you can't see to drive at night because Ford Mustang headlights are made of cheap plastic and cloud up so badly

    ... When Ford continually tells you that the above problems have never been reported to them by anyone else
  3. ^

    Nooo, that's just you.:nono:

    When you have rednecks compliment your car while talkin' about the 5.0 they used to have. "them there Mustangs are bad"

    When you notice your head do a U-turn after seeing a women driving another 4.6;)
  4. when your seatbelt locks you in place everytime you get off the gas
  5. when you jump out in front of a car to find traction control was on and you almost get hit hahaha.
  6. amen! I was doing single leg, leg press the other day and my left was WAYYY stronger.

    If it hasn't been said..

    ...Go out of the way to park next to a fellow GT/Cobra

    ....Don't let any kind of automated car wash touch your car

    ...Go to the track thinking.."well, I wonder is she is gunna blow today?"
  7. :nice:

    there is a chick around me with a new edge saleen and i get all worked up when i see her drivin around. something about a hot girl and a v8 mustang. gets me every time.
  8. Well, for one, she's hot. Hot girls get me everytime even if they're drivin' old Mazdas:eek:
  9. ...when you have an excel spreadsheet with all the complete mods, a list of the future mods and a budget for it....
    ...when you try to convince your wife all the mods in the car will make you get better gas mileage.
    ...when you visit american muscle, jegs or summit racing daily and everytime you go you keep adding stuff to your wishlist...
    ...when on your birthday you expect a car part (mod)
    ...when you pay your car off and you are already making plans on where to alocate that "car note money"
  10. When you spray the car with 145k on the odometer because you need to show your GM buddies what the tail lights of a slow Mustang look like.
  11. Oh man. Been there, done that. Still do. I got one with all my time slips as well.


    I literally laughed out loud on that one.

    ...when random people ask you why you have rubber all over your lower rear quarter panels. :D
  12. You know you drive a 4.6 Mustang when:

    Someone says PI and you know it ain't

  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    but you gotta respect the 'stache ;)
  14. When you spin a rod bearing and drain your savings to make it faster than it was before.
  15. :lol:

    So true.
  16. You know you WANT a 4.6 when your on Stangnet everyday researching a car you dont even own.

    (I drive a 07 Civic Si, just got layed off. As soon as I get another job the Civic is getting traded in for a new GT)
  17. hell yea, then you have to buy a 3rd car because you dont want to DD the jeep because it wastes so much damn gas lol

    --when your neighboor who is from India tells you to sell it and buy a real car such as a gold honda accord or a silver toyota corolla, and then you grab his little ass throw him in the mustang take him for a very scary ride, bring him home with his hair all ****ed up and he tells you "BARRY THIS GUD KARR"