You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. when u have more money in ur car then its worth

    when ur always fighting idle issues after new cams

    when u know the sound of a stang without seeing it

    when the wiper cowl breaks and they are 200 bucks for a new one

    when the first thing u do in the morning is log into stangnet
  2. when ur neighbors daughter tells u her dad hates ur car cause it cames him up at night when ur working on it !!!! lol i can sleep like a baby listening to my car
  3. So true,my wife is like how the hell can you tell what kinda of car is coming from outta site....:rolleyes:
  4. You know you're driving a 4.6 when:

    ... your ultimate goal becomes converting fuel into just the perfect exhaust note.
  5. You know you're driving a 4.6 when:

    -your at a meet and you get compliments on the exhaust sound before the Z28/TA guys Z28/TA guys.
  6. Going through this right now.

    That's because 90 percent of LS1's sound nasty, and 100 percent of LT1's sound like pure hammered ass. There, I said it. lol:rlaugh:
  7. When

    ...... You stop in a covered bridge, not to prolong a kiss w/ the girlfriend, but to rev your motor.

    P.S. Ends all chances for the night...
  8. i rev under every bridge!!!!
  9. me time a civic went under the bridge and rev'd when I did....I thought something was wrong with my car because of the high pitch...and then I see the lil civic go by in the other lane...
  10. Then you dont have the right kinda girl....:D
  11. when you open the magazine and drool all over the 5.0 engine parts and prices
  12. For all you out there are young and live at home, who have parents that like to complain about how much money you spend on your car, (im 19)

    ...When your mom thinks everything you buy for your car is only 75 bucks, and it always happens to be on sale...

    Guess that can work for your wife too.
  13. ......When you spend 300$ on radio and subs and still cut down the music to listen to dat 4.6 bark.

    ......When you pass a chevy lot and give it a little gas to let them hear you.

    .....When stop signs and red lights become funner.

    ......when at a carshow you wait until the mustangs startup and leave out for a exhaust show lol.
  14. Haha so true... City > Highway. :nice:
  15. When you gotta find different places to put your drink other than the cup holder so you can easily shift without hitting your cup.

    You're mad about how they did the Saleen S281 in 2-Fast 2-Furious

    You got random hoopties trying you on the street and pos Eclipses trying to blow-off near you.
  16. Youy know you drive a 4.6 mustang when.... you are at the track and a ls1 guy laughs at you airing down your slicks and you look at him and tell him that you are airing them down to give him a headstart.
  17. Ha. I had this happen last night. Some really loud and obnoxious Eclipse. I hurt his feelings when he tried to pass me when we got onto the freeway. :D And I had 3 other people in the car. :rlaugh: Of course he pulled the ricer flyby when I let out of it at the speed limit. :notnice:
  18. My wife said today when we were in the stang with the radio off (I rarely listen to music in my stang) "Your exhaust does sound really good, I see why you dont listen to the radio in here" I love my wife :D
  19. :lol:

    ....when you go to start your car when it's warm and it starts like it has the biggest cam in the world in it.
    ....when you meet your girlfriend in the staging lanes of a drag strip.
    ....when the only pony you want off your car is the plenum/throttle body.
  20. Good.
    My wife starts laughing at me before I even get under the overpass....she knows whats about to happen....:D