You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. You know when your driving a 4.6 Mustang when you look at new headlights to replace the old foggy ones....

    You instantly choose to buy the sequential tailights over that chin spoiler....

    You think of all the hours you could work to buy parts but then realize its harder than that....

    You know your in a 4.6 Mustang when you love to shift through the gears yourself and glad you never got an automatic...:D

    When people at the track with modded Chevy trucks think they can beat your stock 4.6L...

    Thats about it for me...:rolleyes:
  2. The overpass I go under on my way to the grocery store is right next to a stoplight. So when I go under it and gun it, about 25 cars get an earful. :D
  3. ^^^^^ me and a buddy with his 85 gt ran under and overpass together and almost made some kids at a bus stop deaf :D
  4. I'm loving these, even though I'm a measly old 302 driver... :D The overpass one is PERFECT. There's one right my girlfriend's house, and anytime I go under it she knows what's about to happen.

    I know it doesn't necessarily have to do with 4.6's, but it's a Mustang thing so I wanna add some things! :nice:

    ...when your girlfriend's (or wife if applicable) family thinks you drive some kind of race car.
    ...when you visit your old high school to visit some teachers, all eyes in the parking lot are on you.
    ...when first gear burnouts lose their edge, and you become accustomed to nailing it into second mid burnout. :nice:

    Also, a bit of a spin-off! You know you're with the right girl you should be...
    ...when she gets angry if you mention selling the Stang.
    ...when she NEVER complains about shakes, rattles, and little issues.
    ...when she loves that beautiful exhaust note.

    Keep this thread going! :flag: Mustang guys all have a lot in common! It's hilarious reading through this list and just nodding, laughing, and agreeing like crazy!
  5. lol good ones.

    Honestly my wife talked me into the Mach,before I had a black 01 gt that I thought about redoing and modding,but she knew I really wanted a Mach...She made be buy it...:rolleyes:
  6. ^ I like Machs!! Love em, actually.

    Only few cars I'd want to change from my GTS to are... A Fox coupe, a Mach, or a Termi. :D
  7. I love your wife too...

    j/k you got a keeper there. Lucky bastard. :D

    Yeah, I don't listen much to the stereo, too loud inside.
  8. When you have your hood popped to fill fluids and everybody drives buy to see exactly what kinda mods you have! That one gets a bit annoying!!!
  9. When 4th gear or even 3rd gear is actually perfectly acceptable for cruising on the highway.
  10. I feel like my car is loudest when it's cold out or it's been sitting for a long time...other than that, you should hear one that actually has some cams. :D
  11. When you can't show your long tubes off by popping your hood!
  12. Sure you can, you just have to squint and look very closely. :p

  13. Yeah ok,:rolleyes: try that with the other side.....:rlaugh:
  14. You have to go underneath the car for that. :(

  15. Thats just awesome to look under and see those LT's.
    Only reason I havnt done em is I dont like the idea of not being able to drop the tranny without un-bolting the lt's.

    So are there any lt's that let you drop the tranny without un-bolting the lt's?:p
    Shorties just dont seem worth the trouble and those mid-lengths are pricey.
  16. Kooks long tubes will allow you to drop the tranny without unbolting the headers. But get ready to unload some coin on them
  17. -Your dog is at the door waiting or going bananas because he or she can hear your car rumbling from far far away
  18. Didn't mean noise level. Sometimes when I start my car and it's already warm, I don't turn it over long enough and then it runs at like 200 rpms for a few seconds.
  19. I know what you mean it'll sputter for a second and then explode up in the RPMs.
  20. :rlaugh: Mine meets me at the end of the driveway...without fail.

    ...when you shift hard from 1st to second and...nothing...broke a shift fork...again.

    ...when giving advise on what to spend for a cam swap the 1st thing out of your mouth is do-it-yourself. pull up next to an LS1 and pray this one isn't all. pull up next to a SRT4, stock or otherwise, and laugh at the expression on their face when you leave them sitting. Don't believe all you read tuner boys.