You Know You Drive a 4.6 Mustang When...

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  1. Sounds like someone is in need of a tune up. :D
  2. I hate when that happens.My GT did that and so does my Mach,most of the time its when I just bump the key to start.
  3. ...or that he knows how to drive. :)
  4. Nope. Driver error, not car.

    I know exactly what you mean. Same here.
  5. :lol::rlaugh:
  6. Or an MJ. Excellent!

    ...when people have to ask "is it a real Cobra?"

    ...when multiple trips to the same store on the same day for the same thing are, well, just fine with me!

    ...when driving in the rain is risky business.

  7. Loving my new 97 Cobra, but I'll say it, my brother's 05 SRT-4 would have eaten me alive. Ran a 13.2 at Rockingham on lousy tires. :shrug:
  8. ...When all the tuner guy's ask "what cams you got", freakin every time
  9. when you hope the light infront of you turns red

    when you have an extra hole just for your house keys and loose change
  10. When you forget to turn on the radio and just listen to the Flowmasters at 50mph at 1500 rpms instead...

    Or when hispanics in their single cab chevy trucks always want to race you but they always take off on the 2nd honk and you reel em in...:D
  11. When

    ... the clutch peddle is harder to push in then a 2010 M3, 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo, 2009 Z06 and a 911 twin turbo

    ... when you hit your head on the roof if you wear a race helmet
  12. When you get excited about breaking into the 12's at the strip.
  13. :lol:

  14. .....when you put more money in parts then you bought it for
    ....when people wanna race you and when you win they turn into a little ******
    ....when you dont even go all out and bet a tunner who spend 10k on there car
  15. -when you trade the same car twice, and sell what you traded for just to buy back the stang
    -seeing the look on other stangers faces when you tell em you swapped the npi for a pi engine
    -being able to do 0-60 in 5.1 seconds with basic bolt ons and mild tune
    -spending $250 a peice for rear tires every 8-10mths
    -seeing more looks on 99-04 sn95 owners faces when i pull a car length at the track
  16. Fast97gt....... You have a 3v in your car????
  17. no sir its a 2005 crown vic PI police interceptor engine, its was an ex-sherriffs car that had less then 30k miles on the engine when it was hit really HARD in the driver rear.
  18. you know you drive a mustang when every other sports car is compared to yours. -___-

    Really? is our car that sexy?
  19. very nice
  20. -when you come out to find a note tapped to your window from some whining little kid that he will give your information to the police if you rev your engine one more time or drive off while trying to stay in the lowest gear possible to enjoy the sound of your exhaust, true story happened last night while leaving for work lol