You know you live in Louisiana when...

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  1. Last week it was freezing cold.

    This week it is too hot to even wear pants.

    It has been dangerously foggy for 3 days straight.

    You mow your grass and find a Camaro.
  2. Ok I admit the last one didnt happen, but yea the weather here is retarded like this every year.
  3. Its like colorado. If you don't like the weather, just wait a little while.
  4. lol sounds like crazy weather that would piss me off
  5. Yea, its wierd.

    When its hot you are like "Man this ****ing sucks I wish it was cold"

    the next day its cold and you are like "Man **** this Im freezing my nuts off"
    Then the next day it rains and is hot as hell and then fog covers the town for days.
  6. I was waxing the stang today and sweating my butt off. It has been in the 80s here. Im ready for the 60s again.
  7. we have ridiculous weather like that here in MD. the first 2 weeks of december it was an avg. of about 31*, and all the ski resorts around here opened up. Well this week its been 60's everyday and today got up to 71 and now theyre all closed again. Everyone here is sick with synuses all fall and winter because the temperature will not stay put, except for summer when its hot as balls and oh so humid.
  8. floridA SUX bright and sunny and in 3 minute it starts pouring

    driving in fog is fun it makes you not speed even when you cant cee 15 ft in front of you.
  9. bingo

    i'll take FL wheather any day. so it will rain out of nowhere it takes like 10 mins to dry after that. no biggy
  10. You mow your grass???

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    Come rake my leaves... I can't even see the ground anymore and they are taking over my patio! :D
  11. looks like its time to break out the rake and leaf bags!
  12. It's been ghey and warm here in northern VA for the past couple of days. Today it got up to 50 which is like 6 degrees above normal.

    A week ago down at Tech, it was in the 20s as a daytime high and in the negatives over night. I hate how the weather flunctuates. I want cold in the winter and warm in the summer damnit.
  13. You know your in Louisiana when rebuilding the Saints is more important than rebuilding the city!! I used to live in Slidell for like 13 years. My reserve unit was in new orleans but it got moved to Hammond after the storm. I still go back every other month or so. Where you from Green GT??
  14. Im from Opelousas. Its about 20 miles from Lafayette. I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago and man it was pretty bad. We went tour the 9th ward and there wasnt a soul there.
  15. WD-40 + Lighter =
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  16. It was 75 in VA Beach that day!!! I almost had to put the top down.
  17. It got so cold here I had to turn the heater on a bit when I put the top down. :D

  18. december in PA has been like 50-70s normally its in the 20-40s or lower. this is the warmest december i can ever remember.

    and who said global warming is BS?