you know youre a STANGNET junkie if...

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  1. - You don't have a Mustang anymore but you still lurk the 4.6L Talk section.
  2. Me all day long :D
  3. If you followed and comprehended the whole "Beaumandoline saga" :D
  4. -when your Cavalier driving friend knows just as many 4.6 members screen names as you do.

    -when you're constantly showing your co-workers pictures of other stangnet members cars to show them what mod you're thinking about doing next when you "get enough money."
  5. - You keep checking in to see if Hotmustang331 broke the 300HP mark yet...
  6. When you end up in forum 62 ;)
  7. " mod your car or wash it, you feel compelled to take pictures and upload them to see "what the board thinks"

    " have ever bought a can of SeaFoam" :doh:
  8. Thats so true im about to post more pics when I get all the things im doing this week done. Just to see who likes it.

    And I do have a can of seafoam...and when you tell people they ask where the hell did you hear of that:SNSign:
  9. when you have nightmares of people named Kilgore Trout, Eddie Haskil, and streetstang03..........:D
  10. When you inform everyone UPS stopped by your house.
  11. you know youre a stangnet junkie if....

    -you can remember names like Eddie Haskell and xxxmustangrayxxx, and other "characters" who dont post anymore.

    -you remember the good old days, back before every 16 y/o kid was on stangnet asking about CAIs, back before no one really knew what gears were best; back when X pipes ruled all; back when everyone thought the best mod out there was C&L's MAF :)rolleyes: ); back when 99+ GTs were "the new hottness"; back when you were an idiot if you typed "teh"; back when no one knew what an aftermarket plenum did, and when they found out there was only one brand to know, the good old days :hail2:
  12. When you keep refreshing the page to see if a new post came up; when they don't, you close the window and come back.
  13. - When you remember the days of " 'tangnet." :D
  14. those were the good old days.......

    Also, when you remember the " POSSE "!!!!!!!!!!!:bang:
  15. eddie haskel... wow thats a name from the past I hoped to forget..
  16. Wait..... that still rings true :nonono:
  17. Speaking of Eddie, I was cleaning up my hard drive the other day and found an old picture of him.

  18. ...when you still laugh about things like mu_ta_g