you know youre a STANGNET junkie if...

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  1. ... you see a well dressed Mustang in some parking lot and you wonder who they are on Stangnet.
  2. ...if people constantly whine about your posting style :D
  3. ...if you wonder what ever happened to git-it-83
  4. Exactly.
  5. if you remember blackink when he first registered on SN :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :owned: :rlaugh:
  6. remember dkshadow's macawk incident
  7. when you have SN set to your default homepage.
  8. ...if you remember BlackRSX for his Mustang.
  9. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    You know your a stangnet junky when you create a club so slow N/A mustangs owners can unite :p :lol:
  10. When you add stangnet friends on your msn and yahoo and copy and paste theards..And they go and post lol..
  11. after reading all this i have realized that i have a serious problem :( that there is no cure for oh well :SNSign: :nice:
  12. Fear of the almighty LS1!
  13. :eek:

    I fear no LS1 and i'm hooked on SN like a crack addict! :SNSign:

    Altho most would wipe the track up with me :D haha
  14. one more,when you know what SEAFOAM IS!
  15. hell screw the LS1.. I am looking for LS2's :eek:
  16. :eek: You are a sick, sick man!



    - If you know about turkley sammich and no pantz
  17. When you spend all ur time on this site..Whenn you know Jason as School girl!
  18. :rlaugh:.. or a little dog getting kicked ;)