you know youre a STANGNET junkie if...

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  1. ...if you recognize members on modular depot or insaneindustry
  2. And Mach1registry or
  3. When you are on vacation and sneak into a computer room to log on.
  4. 95% of your INBOX is from Stangnet letting you know that someone has replied to a post you subscribed to.
  5. ... if you are scared to where an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt because somebody might put gum on your mustang!!!

  6. :lol: hahaha i beat an LS2 at a 1/8th of mile even though he would have beaten me in the 1/4... but i fear no LS motor :eek: ..........

    on another note you are a junkie when you reply to a "whats the biggest tire i can fit on the rear" thread
  7. - You remember when SolidSnake (formerly Voldemort) posted a thread about him driving out of state to pick up his supercharged Cobra. He had pics of a blue one that he probably snagged from some website. We pestered him about taking pics of the car, and he said he couldn't because while he could afford a nice used Cobra with a blower, he could not afford a camera. He then turned to posting pictures two members of the unholy trinity of the internet (Goatse, Tubgirl, but he saved us from LemonParty) and threw in some scat for good measure. Unfortuntately, there weren't as many mods and it stayed up for quite awhile and then he was banned.

    - You remember Monky (ie. Mooks, Mooky). He was able to pull a 1.4 60ft. in his IRS Cobra with drag radials. Really, he did :rolleyes:

    - You remember when GoBabyVroooooooooooooom posted about his car at the dealership when it was there for the 4v conversion. It had all the key elements of a great afterschool special: a young man, his father and their plight to have this wrong-doing dealership to make things right with his 4-valve conversion. God, that was a great thread. Well, and then there was that time that he posted about saving money when shipping wheels by removing the air from the tires.
  8. Ha, I remember all of those.

    Don't forget (from 2001 I think lol) Mr. Pepsi, Skip who went 174 mph in his bolt on GT, Nathanoel or whatever lol.

  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    i cant believe I had forgotten about that :rlaugh: :rlaugh: thanks for that reminder :rlaugh:

    who could forget the reverse burnout too??
  10. jackie chan!
  11. you know youre a stangnet junkie if...

    -you can actually think of ways that you and others are stangnet junkies