You may not remember me, but you have to see this!

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  1. I sold my 95 GT to my wife's cousin, JR, a little over a year ago, and got a Bronco. Last night at 10:30 his doorbell rings, and when he answers, a guy pulls a gun on him. They end up wrestling around, but JR can't get control of the gun. He thinks he's dead for sure, but after 45 minutes of tension, the guy demands the keys to the Stang, and leaves in it. You can find out the rest here...
    How crazy is that?
  2. Darwin claims one already this year! :nice: :banana:

    Poor car :(
  3. At least he didn't get away. Poor car, hope your family is ok.
  4. why didnt the report say the car was stolen? Kept refering to it as "his car"
  5. Wow, I read the story earlier today, that's crazy.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. It kind of ****es me off that they are refering to it as "his car". I re-built that freakin car. It was mine a lot more than it was his, and I don't even own it anymore.
    I guess they don't have all the facts yet. When the story first posted on there, they hadn't released the name of the guy that did it either. There is another news site that talks about it being stolen, but this one has a closer picture.
  7. crazy ... were there lots of mods to the car? in other words, did the thief really want that specific stang, or was it more random than that?

    glad your cousin is ok.

    there is another guy on this forum called JR. at first i thought he was the JR you were referring to. he has one of the sickest 95 stangs around ... turbo ... color shifting paint ... all chrome/polished everything ... i thought for a second that the stang that was stolen was that one ...
  8. It had a 4" cowl, chrome 18" Cobra R's, smoked headlights, clear corners, smoked fogs, offroad X-pipe to dumped flows, Eibach springs, Blue ovals rear control arms, short throw shifter, MSD ignition, K&N, etc. Nothing extreme had been done power wise, but it pulled hard, and looked great. I bought it wrecked, and rebuilt the front end (reason for all the custom stuff up front). The guy was on a death mission it seems. He was actually at the house to kill someone who was not home at the time, and after the scuffling started, his get away driver drove off. Taking the car was his way out of the situation...
  9. Just another reason to have a gun easily accessible at all time.....Gotta love the castle doctrine.
  10. Yep. "Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang," reload, asses the intruder to see if he still poses a threat. :D
  11. My wife has strict instructions to shoot intruders that pose a threat on sight and drag them inside the house if she got 'em in the yard. :)

    That is crazy stuff.

    Who the hell names their store this???


  12. I've been on that Turnpike. The Police have Dodge Chargers to run people down. Doesn't sound like they could catch your car!

  13. I didnt think that cvenience store was real... What a ridiculous name. :nonono: Wow the guy was NuTsO. :eek:

  14. I had a guy knock on my door, at like Midnight, a few weeks ago. He about ***** a brick when the muzzle of my Beretta pistol was the first thing he saw, when I opened the door. (I put one of those little door stop wedgie things under the door so that it would only open about 6". ;)) He decided that he didn't really have any "business" at my house after all and left. He stopped at the driver door of my Stang and I told him that he needed to just keep walking. He did. I'm pretty sure he'll look for an easier target, next time.

    I NEVER answer my door (after dark) without the ole 92F, in hand..."cocked and locked".

    This whole story could have been averted, with that tact. ;)

    Why couldn't this guy have stolen a Honda Civic with a giant wing, or something? :nonono:
  15. that blows goats. that was a pretty car that was destroyed by some idiot who by his previous actions sounds to be either a crackhead or meth head.
  16. that really sucks. always seems to happen to the nice cars.
  17. so is the insurance company flipping the bill???
  18. I can see having the gun for to scare someone but let us all remember what happens when you shoot someone. Your ass becomes a dick sheath in prison. I know the whole "self-defense" crap but still, even if it were true, you would be doing time for murder.:notnice:
    though in this case I would of shot that SOB

  19. Nah, he had liability only. It had a rebuilt title from the accident it had just before I got it. It was a pain to try to get full coverage after that.

    Kum & go's became popular here almost overnight. They bought up a bunch of "get & go's" when they went out of business, and changed the name. There's atleast 10 of them. I had the same reaction to the name when they started here.

    So, it turns out that after the guy hit the spike strips, he decided to end it himself. He shot himself in the head going 100+ mph, and that's when the car went out of control. One of the cops that was trailing it said he counted 6 flips. They finally let JR take a look at the car, and he said it was covered in blood.