You might be a stangnet member if...

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  1. You might be a stangnet member if...
    1. Everytime pass someone on a two lane road, and slam every gear and by the time you actually pass the person you are doing well over 100mph.
    2. You get pulled over for a cop and he hands you the ticket, and you ask "is my 60ft time on here?"
    3. You see a construction zone and you weave in and out of the road cones like it is a slalom.
    4. Your spare tire consisted of a 15x10 weld wheel with drag radials.
    5. Your kids car seat is a sparco with a 12 point harness.
    6. You put a hooker header on your 5.5hp briggs lawnmower.
    7. You pull out of your drive way and try to match the black marks you left the day before.
    8. When you go to the store for milk and insist that you have to make it there in 12.82 seconds.
    9. Your trying to figure out how to rig your leaf blower up to your wifes cavilier to add a little more horsepower.
    10. Your riding lawmower will do 8.34 seconds in the 1/8 mile.

  2. ...Your 3-yo daughter's ride-in Barbie car has Slicks and 4.10's
  3. 1. you have been trying to sell tri-bars for 1 year.
  4. :rlaugh:
  5. You have a hard time writing anything without the use of smilies.

  6. if... you made homemade slicks for your mustang remote control car

    like i did
  7. you stay up until 5:00am polishing your intake because you dont feel like going to sleep and have nothing better to do
  8. [​IMG]

  9. "You still only get dates from high school girls"

    according to that site, im a ricer.....
  10. You might be a stangnet member if...........

    You get online and go to check out stangnet only to find out that the site is down and you cant get on and come to the conclusion that theres no other reason to be online and start twitching from withdrawls.
  11. You get really pissed when someone is ahead of you on an on-ramp.
  12. :rlaugh: sorry but that made me really laugh. Nice one rude.

  13. If you pull over, and wait for that person and all other trafiic to clear the on-ramp.
  14. sorry dude.
  15. "Flying past the person who is 10 car lengths in front of you after they have put on their brakes.. and claim a victory."
    (on the ricer thing)
    this has happened to me all to many times, anyone else?
  16. You get mad if someone gets their reply in before you and says the same thing you were gonna say.
  17. and you get even more mad when its less than a minute apart.
  18. if you have seen a thread called "5.0 vs 4.6" over 4 times in the last year.
  19. -Your motor cost more than your spouses wedding ring

    -you performed a 10 minute tune up on you lawn mower

    -you laughed when you first saw the new GTO

    -you still don't understand why they put slicks on a FWD car