You might be driving an '05 Roush if....

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  1. Thought we could adapt Jeff Foxworthy's classic line to let out some of the dissappiontment over the Roush Mustang. Here's a few to get it started:

    You might be driving an '05 Roush if...

    -Teenagers say "hey man, does that thing have a v-tec?"

    -Your front valence comes with 10 cub. feet of cargo space.

    -Your hoodscoop flies off when the adhesive fails on a hot summer day.

    Keep it going...
  2. You've considered "ridin' spinnazzz."

    Three small children and your neighbor's pet chihuahua have been sucked into your front air dam.
  3. If you pull up to a red light, and the guy who pulls up next to you says "where the F**K did you get that Ugly Pieace of Motha F**Ken Dog S**t".. than drives away with a smile on his face.
  4. if ur retarded
  5. Hope the real production gonna look at least a liiittle better then that god damn crapy photoshop :nonono: . I don't know who the **** did that photoshop, but where ever you are boy .... U SUCK PUNK !! :chair:
  6. if you leave it for a week parked with the keys in it, in the worst neighborhood, in the worst city and only the "ford mail" air freshener is missing.
  7. if you consider the ford edsel a good looking car.
  8. "if you've got good taste"....just kidding :D
  9. .....If you're a ricer at heart but trapped in a V8 world
  10. -You make Richard Petty's superbird look tasteful by comparison.

    -Your wallet is lighter, and your car is heavier and slower.
  11. -if you have to buy 2x4's to pluck the bugs from your cars teeth!
  12. I dont really think it's all that bad looking overall, there are some good aspects but that doesnt mean I'd buy one. Im hoping to pickup a 2005 premium GT and add some classic inspired body accents like the "duck tail", ram air hood scoop and maybe some rear window louvers. I miss my old 69 sportsroof, can you tell?
  13. the body panels begin falling apart
  14. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: