You NEED to see this project i just finished!

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  1. Ive been working for about 15-20 hours on this project. Its my final project for my Drawing for Design class. You cant really see in the pic cause its light pencil but it has to show all the construction lines. I am SO excited with how well it came out, my wheel ellipses are a little off i always have trouble with that, but im happy cause everything i freehand. Tell me what you think!

  2. Thats sweet but i noticed one thing...

    The middle picture on the bottom you have to add the lines in the door...just trying to help you out:nice:
  3. very very nice I wish I could freehand that good.

    I say AAA++++++
  4. Word man, good call ill fix that...thanks!
  5. As an artistic guy myself, I can appreciate all the hard work you have into that. Looks great man.
  6. Man thats great. I suck at drawing cars. But ask me to draw a cartoon character and BAM its there lol!!! The Snake alone is alot of detail and hard work!!!
  7. Yeah, but it's easier to make sculptures of trouser-snakes than drawing a Terminator. :D

    Looks great Michael. :nice:

    If you ever need real nice high resolution pictures of a beautiful T-machine as a point of reference, check out 04Sleeper's car.
  8. thanks guys that means a drawings have gotten so much better in one year at this school, its really can LEARN how to i could draw pretty decently before, but im soo much better now...
  9. HAHAH thats so funny that you mention that because his car is the one i did all my drawings after!! the front, side, and rear views as well as the main one are all pics of his car that i looked at and drew from LOL:rlaugh:
  10. That's awesome! You picked one of the finest rides out there to use as a template (not literally a template - you know what I mean). :hail2:

    FWIW, should you need other pics in the future, I'm willing to bet that Kevin would accomodate ya. :nice: He's hands down one of the coolest folks on Stangnet (and I've chatted with many). Very very nice fellow.

    And if you ever need to draw a garage, have you seen his? :drool: It's cleaner than any part of my house (inside).
  11. Ill keep that in mind! I dont think he comes around these parts much, so i PMed him the pic, see what he says
  12. Wow. I am honored that you used my car as a refrence. :)

    The drawing is AWESOME Michael!!!! :nice: I could never do that well at a drawing.

    I would love to have a copy of that to frame and put in my garage. Even a photo copy would be awesome. I would be willing to pay for the paper and shipping and whatnot if you could/would.

    That is just too cool. I think its great that you could use it for school. I'd have to give you an A+. :flag:

    Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. :cheers:

    Again, Great Job!

  13. Awesome job! I sure don't have skills like that.
  14. Awesome drawing. In fact, it inspired me to try drawing a picture of my own car. Anybody think I got a future in this?

  15. Well.... Atleast YOU'RE smiling.... :nice:
  16. car.jpg

    dude what happen to the rear end.. looks like you added a space for a bulit in pool

  17. Smithsonian quality right there...:p
  18. Time to shade it in!
  19. looks good man! Don;t worry about the wheel elipses, they'll come to you soon enough. A couple of the perspectives are just slightly off, but nothing major, props for a great job and a great choice of subject!

    here's a couple things I've been workin on lately (bad quality, snapped a pic with my digital just now - no flash):

    SN95 stang with alot of sh** done:

    Crazy perspective of a bike I designed for fun when I was a sophomore:
  20. damn, those are some skills to both you guys, Michael & Dan!

    that Terminator is freakin sweet (i occassionally browse SVTP and have seen it on there) and Dan--that sn is siiiiiiiiick!!1