You paint Your Rims?

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  1. has anyone painted their rims and made them look good? if so what kind of paint?
  2. Didnt paint my rims but i did paint my center caps once. And while they didnt match perfectly it looked WAY better than it did b4 the paint job. I had a buddy paint his ponies (removed the tires from rims) using a spray paint and then a spray clear coat. They turned out excellent. The key is in the prep time ie remove the tire and clean the rim really good with a powerful solvent maybe even sand down some ruff edges. This is what my buddy did and as I stated they turned out great. Good Luck.

    Oh as far as the color...Go wild. You can try and match it perfectly or go with something darker. I would not try to go with anything lighter unless you plan on several coats.
  3. Painted my old cobra R's with some krylon silver after I sandblasted the peeling chrome off, then I put generous amounts of clear coat on em. They were really good looking from 5-10 feet away because all the chrome didn't come off.
  4. I painted mine about three months ago. They look SO MUCH BETTER, and it is cheap. Here's what I used:

    2 Cans of the Oreily's Wheel Paint
    1 Can of The Wheel Clear Coat
    1 Package of 220 Grit Sand Paper
    1 Scotch Pad
    1 Tac Rag
    1 Reel of Automotive Tape (the green stuff)
    1 Razor Blade

    All that cost about 25.00 bucks, and they look new. You clean the wheel really good with soap and water, then sand off the old clear coat and scratch it until it is dull looking, then scratch it with the scotch pad and start taping everything off. I put tape over the center cap, then cut around the emblem and peeled off the tape so I wouldn't get the pony painted. Then when everything is ready, wipe it with a tac rag. (At that point you might also use some kind of cleaner, but I didn't and didn't have any problems). Then spray about 5-6 coats of the wheel paint with nice even strokes, waiting about 10-30 mintues (depending what the temp. is outside). When that is all done, spray on the clear coat, I sprayed on about 4-5 coats of clear. Then wait for them to dry, and be very impressed, because they look like new. Remember, the more paitent you are, the better they are going to look, make sure it is prepped good and the paint is sprayed on evenly. Hope that can help.
  5. Chrome peels off? do you prevent that?
  6. heres my black pony's , i like em without the center cap, took me 5 days to strip old paint off edge , sand & polish , then paint, only problem is there was some silicone on the rim from the "wet tire shine" ****, which i did try to wash off with simple green, but didnt work and left some bubbles in the paint, i used dupont with my dad's gun

    my black ponies
  7. I want to paint my turbines... I can't decide wether to just go with the factory silver, or do a darker charcoal/gunmetal color and polish up the lip. Anyone seen turbines painted a darker color?
  8. i didmt paint my wheels, but i bought mine powder coated black....


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  9. They look terrible in any color but the stock aluminum. I've seen them in black and....bleh. I stripped mine with Jasco and repainted with Rustoleum crystal clear enamel.