You pull it yards?

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  1. I have zero experience when it comes to the yards. Figure now is a good time. In my quest to find another T5 to replace the one I busted last week, I found two t5's at a u pull it yard.

    My question is... Do they require you to actually go out there and pull it out of the car bringing your own tools or simply drag whatever part you need out of the yard?

  2. You pull it yard= YOU Pull It- yard.
  3. Thanks ****. I don't know what I was thinking. :nice:
  4. haha yeah man, YOU take your own tools in and do the job. I had to pull the motor out of my brothers COMPLETELY mangled, scrap of metal that somewhat resembles what used to be a mustang the other day. THAT sucked. Even more so being on gravel.
  5. Well that depends, one JY wouldn't let me in the lot more than to look at the cars I needed parts from, then they pulled anexploder motor for me.
  6. beast: That wasn't a "You Pull It" yard then.

    There are both types of junkyards here. A few are "You Pull It," but the vast majority have part pullers that do it, which marks up the price. And, generally, they won't let you pull the part yourself to save money if they have parts pullers they're paying hourly just standing around. I was able to pull my own parts on a weekend at one of those yards when they had a shortage of guys.

    I've heard a lot of the junkyards won't allow customers to pull their own parts here in Missouri due to liability reasons, but I don't know if that's the reason or not. Some people simply don't want to pull the parts themselves.
  7. That sounds like an awesome yard! They have the same price for the item no matter the make. Can you imagine finding a 03/04 Cobra engine in there or Vette Engine for $129 + Core? That's probably why they have zero Corvettes at any of their locations.

    Also, it says you can't take a Jack or does that work? You can't get half of the parts without a jack...
  8. All of the vehicles frames are suspended on welded wheels, so they are already off the ground. As far as the torch, you just have to get creative.
  9. I went to my first "you pull it" yard when visiting my cousin im Tampa a few years back, I had never heard of such a place, needless to say I was very entertained while searching for stang parts, that place was a madhouse!! I was looking for a battery tray, I raised the hood on a SVO turbo 4 cyl car and some ****ing guy came outta nowhere and was ready to fight for that hood , I never had any intentions of buying it :lol: