you remember that sheap 4 eyed I was telling you about

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  1. LOL I ment to say CHEAP not sheap

    Well my friend is going to buy it for $400 and he tells me that he is going to build a CHEVY 383 stroker for it:nonono: I told him alot of mustang guys and alot of chev guys will be upset about that. But he has all the parts and that is all he has ever worked on. He races a Monte SS stock car so he has tonnes of experience with SBC stuff. I dont know if he will really do that or not because the Last time I took him for a ride in mine he giggled like a little girl and said "this thing's awsome it pulls arder than my race car" I said yea and it's just a stock FORD 302. So I'm pretty sure I can convince him that the extra $$$ he'd spend building up a stroker made with ford parts will be way faster and worth it in the end. Plus the car would have some value rather than being some chopped up mixed breed.
  2. lol, his race car must be pretty slow then :rlaugh:

    considering a stock 302 is a 14-15 second powerplant. :rolleyes:
  3. his car is set up for oval track and the entire track is only 1/4 mile so he wasn't use to having something pull above like 80 K'ms. His car does the oval quarter in around 14 sec.
  4. from a dead stop? no way... lol 14 seconds from a rolling start maybe? If from a dead stop his car has to pull harder than a stock 302.

    well, i guess you have a point there.. two different types of racing for sure.

    I dunno.. im not a fan of chebby engines in fords either.. but to each his own. If all he knows is chebbys at least be thankful he still likes the look of a mustang:nice:
  5. yea they run 3 speed auto trannys and they start the race rolling in 3rd at around 4000 rpm (roughly 60-70 Kp/h and run 15 laps and every lap takes about 14 sec
  6. how was he able to talk the guy down to $400?
  7. that's all he has into it. He paid 200 for it and he thinks he has 200 into trailering it home from a few hours away.