You should've seen his face!!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95Vert, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. I have a guy for class that I hardly talk to. Well, we got to talking and he tells me he's selling his 96 lt1 ram air. My bro is looking for one so after class we go to check it out. We're talking on the way over and he says, "Once you hear my exhaust, ssssssshhhh, you're gonna get scared!!" and also gave me the 5.slow joke. I was alright. He's telling me that he has cut offs, and I reply that I just got mine two days ago. So we go and try out his car, runs fine and is loud as hell but nothing special. When he drops me off at my car, he wants me to start the beast so he could hear it. It was awesome, he was walking away and as soon as he heard the car come on, he turned right around and stared just like this--> :eek: and gave me the "It sounds bad-ass" comment. A smile just came to my face and said thanks. He also said that he never knew 5.0s could sound so nice. Man, was I ever thankful of getting my exhaust installed. Can't imagine if he was to hear my dream set-up, MAC L/T, Pro-Chamber, MAC FlowPath.

    Just had to let you guys know.
  2. I never get that!
    mine must be too damn quiet... until they hear the BOV or turbo, do they stare and look like WTF was that, lol
  3. Off road H and flowmaster american thunders, and everyone stares. The cam and injectors help a bit with the tone though.
  4. I get compliments on my exhaust too but everybody tells me my car sounds like a motorcycle. I like that :D
  5. I get a lot of stares when I do the BOV noise with my mouth when i shift...
  6. never knew 5.0s could sound that nice? there about the only cars that actually sound good, those camaros an transams all sounds like **** IMO, haha single exhaust
  7. :rlaugh: :lol: That was good...
  8. i have friends with trucks etc........after the complete exhaust install on my car their jaw dropped....

  9. :)
  10. That's one of the things that makes you feel so good after spending some obscene amount on parts for your car...When people actually notice. I get compliments on my bassani setup and it makes me glad I went for it.
  11. My mac pro chamber and flowpaths have gotten many compliments, nothing sounds like a nice healthy 302!!
  12. I've got a stock exhaust, and i get compliments all the time. A Mustang, hands down, has the best sounding exhaust out there.
  13. Hell yeah they are when you can tell its a stang driving down the street before you even see it you know they sound good.

    Unless i'm that much of a loser i can tell that kinda stuff lol
  14. I also have the mac off road h with flowmaster american thunders. I get complements all the time, and wicked stares from people who think it's too loud. :nice: Living in the "rust belt of America" I had a muffler rust out not long ago. It sounded like crap; like a truck with no mufflers at all.
  15. Today, as soon as he walked into the classroom, first thing that came out of his mouth was "What does your mustang have?" I just smiled because it seemed he had been waiting all weekend to ask me. But yep, MUSTANGS do have the best sounding exhaust.
  16. Glad to see you like the h-pipe.

    I get told me SLP is way too loud everyday. Especally after you drop your friends off, and they can hear you jumping on the expresway 4 blocks away.
  17. Yea I get all kinds of compliments. Just flows and H pipe. I dont even think it sounds special but oh well...
    Sounds alot better then all the chevy fullsize trucks around here with straighpipes.

  18. I'll be close to your dream set-up next week Mac LT's, Prochamber, and Borla Dumps.
  19. I envy you, that was the exact set-up I was going to with, but when I heard the one I want now, I just changed my mind.