you think i got a chance?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93-2.3, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. ok heres the deal my car isnt done yet but heres my combo.... 83 gt, 89 roller motor with stock 4v intake for the 83, underdrives, 2 1/4 inch duals no cats, flowmasters probably 40 series, stock headers, deleted smog and ps pump, removed rear seat and all polution junk, 600 holley (non polution), electric fan, 3:08 rear gears, t-5, centerforce stage 2 clutch... oh and car is factory non a/c car what do you think on a guess for the 1/4 and do i stand a chance of beating a 03 v6 with cold air, underdrives, duals and a 5 speed? interested in hearing your predictions
  2. Your worried about a V6 maby pushing 10hp over stock beating your combo??? Not much of a race I would guess if yours is running right.
  3. Uhh, is this a joke, you got a v8 with a ton of mods worrying about a v6 stang?? Your car's way lighter and has more hp.
  4. I would definately upgrade those rear gears to 3.73's, and get a new intake, it shouldn't run to bad once those things are done, and yes it should be a 99v6
  5. The v6 is prob. pushing about 20 over stock, duals on a v6 add quite a bit.
  6. just checking kinda have a grudge that started with the kid (used to be my best friend) after alot of **** talking about various things i figured i need to kick his ass with like a 2000 dollar investment vs his like 18+ grand car. ya know its about making someone think before they speak