You Think My Engine's Going to Blow Up?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black1987Stang, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Im going home in a few weeks, its about a 14 hour drive from here in Tn to good ol New Jersey, u think 2,700-3,000 rpms for that long will be bad for the motor? im going to change the oil, plugs, fuel filter, tires, etc....its got about 6k miles on the motor with everything in my sig. Ill obviously be stoppin every once n while for a pit stop and for gas since its gonna drink it down. Im not going any more than 3k and im doing about 70mph at about 2,7000k so i dont want to go any lower than that. n please dont just be like why dont u just have someone put lower gears in it, well Im not exactly rich so I cant do that like I wish I could. thanks for any replies
  2. I dunno, I'v done 8 hours at those revs and higher lol you should be good as long as you are tuned up oil changed and everything topped up :)
  3. You should be fine
  4. i did 18 hours from nm to arkansas to play paintball for a weekend...
    of course... with my aod... i do about 87 at 2k...
    my first gear goes 0-55 before i hit 5k.... yeah... that sucks....
  5. you'll be fine
    Ford would run the engine dyno's 24/7 for hours and hours on end at certain RPMs.
  6. when i bought my pony down in fla. i drove it home 2 days later with out even checking it over(1000 miles to nyc).i bought it from a dealer and the only mods were headers h-pipe and the 4:10's.the rpms were a little high but it did great. phil
  7. Can you rent a car? If you can get the cheapest econobox they have. The savings in gas alone will pay for the rental.
  8. get moble 1 oil and make the drive :) do not buy crap oil
  9. You should be fine. Doing the tune up will add a little more comfort. By the way, I see you have a Cummins Holset Turbo for sale. Is it just an HX35 or HY35 from a Dodge? What model is it?
  10. as long as you have your car tuned up you'll be fine. Run a good brand oil and top off the fluids. Spray some water to clear out the fins of your radiator if you havent in a while
  11. Yeah sorry I just sold it for 75 bucks to my friend, it was a WH1C anyway
  12. Better on the highway than stop and go traffic. If you have a new motor you've nothing to worry about.
  13. Im living in tennessee right now for school but im graduating in 3 weeks to go back home to Jersey so I have to bring my car and all my clothes and stuff home and I dont have money to get it car hauled and fly home like how I did when I came down.
  14. 2700-3k isnt very high at all, back in the day the speed limits were 70 and most cars back then didnt have overdrive....
  15. Sea foam it before you leave your gas mileage will thank you
  16. yup im doing plugs, oil, filter, cap n rotor, fuel filter, tranny fluid, and check all the fluids.....and looking at some tires right now, im lookin at the Nitto 555's or NT450s for the rain and snow back home and decent traction
  17. Where in jersey are you from?
  18. yeah but I was a little leary since its a 14 hour drive straight
  19. Im in Toms River
  20. I've done 4500+ in 5th gear across the country in a 4 banger honda with no problem other than some high speed oil consumption. I think you should be okay at that rpm level.