You think that last ebay mustang was bad???

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  1. i bet that thing is so fast it almost ripped the roof scoop off from all the air rushing into it. :rolleyes:
  2. OMG.... 11 bidders???? WTF am I missing here?
  3. i wonder if he drilled those quality holes in the scoop himself
  4. needs some mechanical work

    here what the problems are

    when going backwards tranny kicks out a gear

    when racing sometime it wouldn't let u shift to 2nd or third gear

    BUT when just driving normaly its nice and smooth

    the power steerling doesnt work and check engine light is on

    sometimes speedometer doesnt work i was told it needs a speedometer gear

    When its cold sometimes it backfires

    cooling fan malfunctions probable needs a relay

    its has some paint crack in the roof, hood, near taillights onthe left fender

    my neighbor backed up at me so front bumper has a little crack and hood has some light demage

    i also have some paint left over so u can have it if its still usable
  5. i like that steering column boot also. :eek:
  6. you couldnt pay me to drive that ...
  7. That's a parachute in the trunk!
  8. wow where do i start??? the spray painted interior!!!!!!:eek: he claims paint cracking on roof!!!! i would hate to see the hood and front bumper he claims are cracked and need work....:nono: :nonono: how much is this thing going for??
  9. You really need to find another hobby

    that just sounds retarded


    Its one or the other, not both
  10. The guy's feedback matches the car.
  11. 100 bucks says the welds on the intake are blown! :rlaugh:
  12. That's an old school Summit hood scoop bondoed to the roof :lol:
  13. OMG... somebody pull the 5.0 out and install a 3.8, then it would be more fitting.
  14. lol u said it before i could
  15. and the floor pans are gonna rip off soon because of all the racing he does.
  16. Anyone else think of this?

  17. no wonder the roof scoop is cracked and almost falling off.... with the lime green paintjob and matched interior, white "rs type" gauges, purple dash, sho-gun body kit, and the license plate drilled into the bumper...all that added horsepower must have almost ripped the roofscoop off the car when he was "racing" and couldnt get it into both 2nd and 3rd. damn...why didnt he do a b16 sohc V-TAK nawz tanabe swap with carbon fiber piston return springs. then he would have got some big moneyz for it :nice:
  18. Hell yeah!! That thing is sweet.

    Fixed. The reason is because he wants to keep it a street car, V-tak is just too much for the street, when it kicks in you would lose control.
  19. The eleven bidders are local car crushers that are sick of seeing that heap driving around town. I really hope the guy's next car is a neon. :puke: