You think that last ebay mustang was bad???

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  1. Anybody notice he said "i only drive this car once in a while on nice "dry"days"

    "dry"??? WTF are the quotes for, it's either dry or not dry! Some people are such tools!
  2. :(
  3. ..............oh and god damn that this is ugly.
  4. Frankenstang..... I think that 5.0 deserves a better home.... such as in your '04.
  5. :lol:

    I bet he wasn't double clutching like he should.
  6. Oh hell i just got that... :lol:

    We've all gotta be thankful for that movie, otherwise we wouldn't have soooo many retarded quotes to laugh at.
  7. Dman I fixed your car. I bought some used parts off of Ebay.


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  8. ...if they forgot the 0 at the tag place lol shouldn't the title read 7418..? where did the last 5 come from lol...

    this guy just plain cant type lol or appears to have a very low IQ

    i also think i would have probley washed it before taking pics lol...someone put way to much money and time making that car gay lol....painting the interior is just rediculous lol and i like the custom door switch bezels lol and i like the lime green painted door carpet lol there is one pic of the trunk open and a comon place where leaves end up the rear wondow it looks like instead of removing the leaves he painted them limegreen with the car lol.
  9. That car is only about 20 mins from me. Maybe if I have time, I'll get some better pics of it. :rlaugh: This may be a girl's car, by looking at other items purchased.
  10. LMFAO!!!!:rlaugh: :rlaugh:

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  11. LOL! Understatement of the day, no doubt.

  12. :lol: ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I never understood that crap... What does that scoop do? Does it cool the roof from the blazing temperatures of the hot baby **** green paint
  14. lol the roof scoop keeps air flowing thru it to keep the car planted and stable lol kinda defeat full with the holes in the rear he should have vented it down to the rear brakes then i would totally awesome lol.....that guys a tool for fillings the lines in the rear bumper and taillights lol im glad to see the tan interior gone but green is worse lol. lol if someone sriously wanted to fix that car up it would need a new hood and new front bumper new front fenders the roof would need to be fixed... it needs to much i think its funny its got 11bids and its still not over 1200 lol:rlaughi bet the guy listing that was like im gonna make a killing on this car its awesome!!!!! lol
  15. FLOW MASTER exhaust with CHROME tips which was instaledat 67000

    when i bought a car it had 70418 miles and in the tag place they made a mistake and skeped the zero so in the title it says 74185:shrug:
  16. That ugly piece of lime crap has enough downforce to drive upside down in a tunnel. I bet if hetried to run it off a cliff it would drive right down the face of it.