You think these bad boys are going to fit

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Drinknbuddy, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Ok I bought some 17 inch Cobra Rs. Well Im looking to get the M/T drag radials. Well one problem, they only come in 275/40/17 in the 17 inch rims. So Right now i have 255s on the car with no problem. I was thinking if I remove the quad shocks and go with the 275s I just might be ok. Im controll arms on now, so really no need for the quads anyways. what do you guys think, or any experiences with these tire sizes??? thanks...


    New 17" Silver Cobra R replica wheels
    New Cobra center caps
    Wheel size 17 X 9
    Offset 20 mm
    Bolt pattern 4 lug, 4.25
  2. anyone anywhere anytime????????????? :shrug:
  3. i have 275/40/17 w/o quad shock and fit perfect
  4. what rims you running??
  5. i have a 17x9.5 inch cobra r with 275 Nitto drag radials and they fit pretty well, no quad shock tho, but i have control arms
  6. yea i have a set of controll arms ready to go on, so i think im going to invest in some m/t's and hope they fit...