you think these would look good on my cah!

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  1. I like the wheels you have now better.
  2. Personally, I don't like the wheels you want to buy. Keep the ones you have now.
  3. well im sick of basketweaves, so im garaging them ang getting something else. so it's either these or black 93 kewb's
  4. +1 for keeping the A.R.E. wheels.
  5. same here.
  6. i liek the wheels you have very much, ive seen a fox on those roh wheels and it looked good. i have the same roh's in 5x120mm was going on my camaro now probably going on the cougar with adapters
  7. want to pick them wheels up for me and ship them to me :shurg: how much would shipping be??
  8. hmmm, well i already have two sets of basket's (the pictured keystones and some really nice 15" enkie's) so im all basketweaved out, but thanks for the opinions...

    lol, i could always throw on my metric trx's and do some whoring too lol

  9. i dunno, but it probably wouldn't be worth it
  10. Buy the roh's thoose basket weaves dont look too good on your car anyway.

  11. lol i hope im not getting paid back for chopping your chop of that 85 hatch:owned:
  12. MS PAINT CHOPS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I am the paint shop gangsta fo sho!!
  14. aw hell naw, don't make me challenge yo-ace
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  16. They look like Impala wheels..... but either way, yeah i like em
  17. werd, yall got mo seat time ten mee, but best wacho bak! mad props fo nah tho