you think these would look good on my cah!

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  1. yeah an I wuzz only like o muh 3rd page of photbucket holmes, outta 8 fo sho... teh grey primerreeeedddd stizznang was teh wooon tha started it all fo sho... tha was muh firz tyme bein a paintshop gangsta fo sho
  2. dizzzaammmm I gots to be white again fo sho

    *ZZZZZZZAAPPPPPP* (transformed to white again)

    k now that I am back to being white...
    I kinda like those wheels and they might look pretty good on your car
  3. no on the wheels
  4. I like the ROH ones...
  5. :rlaugh: That photo shop war is some funny ****.:rlaugh:

    I had those same ROH rims on a LX conv. I thought they looked great, only difference was they were white on a white car.

    They look great when color matched to the car.
  6. What you have looks better imo. I'd stick with the black w/polished lip theme even if it's on a different style wheel.
  7. Maybe this would help, this was about five years ago. Have sold the rims since then.

    Sorry, this is a old and bad picture.