you think you will take the 4.6 plunge in the future?

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  1. i have been wondering, how much the 4.6 aftermarket will grow say in the next 10 years.

    they already have a nice aftermarket and make good power. but as the cars become more abundant, cheaper and more aftermarket parts made. i wonder if the 4.6 will outgrow the 5.0 market....

    i like the 4.6 cars , the early single cams were terds but the rest seem to run pretty good. the dual cams and the cobras run nice from the factory.

    i just think in the future it would be cool to start a 4.6 project. something different. maybe by then there will be a bigger selection of heads and intakes for them and be able to make some POWER

    there are only a limited supply of fox mustangs around, as the years tick by the number of GOOD cars with potential decreases. while the number of 4.6s increases every day. a 5.0 makes great power and are a great platform for a nice street/strip. DD or even an all out track warrior. but i think in the future, as technology becomes better and fuel injection becomes more fine tuned. the newer OHC engines will make alot more power and still be able to be modified for more power

    plus they can sound really nice, with just the right exhaust setup they have that sweet raspy burble sound. you know what i mean.

    but for now i will stick to my 5.0 :nice:
    and nowadays i still say a good ol 5.0 beats a 4.6
    4.6s are more money to mod and have a different feel to them, you have to turn them hard to make power.

    but all this may change in the years to come, we'll have to see.
  2. NO i am selling mine i hate them
  3. the only 4.6 that I'd get is any year cobra pretty much or a mach 1. Which after I get my engineering degree would have to be turbo'd
  4. I might sometime in the future...:)

    grey5.0 - What are you going for? Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Chemical, Mechanical, et al.?
  5. teh ole 5.0 will still be easier to work on :D
  6. only 4.6 ill ever get would be a 03/04 cobra..just cuz...or a 05+ becasue i love the new body style...
  7. most likely civil, I am still a senior in HS and this is one of the things I think I am interested in.
  8. what kind of cicvil engineer?
  9. ive visited both the 2V and 4V worlds and loved both. The 4V for obvious reasons but the 2V car was just a nice car to drive. The car had decent power, good sound and a absolutely killer look. I would love to get into another 4.6 car just because i am in love with a clean well accessorized new edge GT!


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  10. I'd love to get a Terminator someday!!
  11. i wouldnt mind a latter newedge or 05+ as a dd someday, but its not something id work on like my fox. hell, the 5.4 in my truck looks like a nightmare just to get the damn spark plugs out.
  12. Yup! I'll ALWAYS have my 89, and my dream car is a teal 93 Cobra. If a 03-04 cobra fits in there somewhere, I'llgo for one, but the 89 and 93 come first.
  13. I have had a 96 2V, 97 4V, & still have my 03 Mach 1.... I kinda started off backwards in the world of Mustangs since my 1st 3 were all 4.6's, & I just got my 1st 5.0 last week... I love my new to me stock 5.0, but its nothin compared to how my Mach felt in stock trim... I love the top end power of a 4V & u cant deny the sound....I dont think I'd ever buy another 2V though!!!

    My 96 GT :(
    My 97 Cobra:flag:
    My 03 Mach 1:hail2:
  14. Back in 03 I test drove a Mach1 and I loved the way it felt as it felt like a mixture between my 92GT and my 02GT.
  15. I love my Mach & will never part with it.... I always wanted a 5.0 too though....

    There is nothing like the feeling of revving a high compression 4V to 7k:nice:
  16. I plan to take the 4.6 plunge very soon... but Im keeping the fox and boost is always fun, not to mention 6-speeds! :D
  17. I love both.

    The 5.0L notch I have reminds me of when I was 9 years old, seeing them new...and saying....I want a Mustang when I grow up!! Well, now I've got the 5.0L I wanted ever since I was a kid.

    The Cobra I have, I wanted ever since I first bought my first 95 GT. I told myself, first chance I get to get a 4.6L DOHC Cobra, i'm gonna get one. I got one 2 years after owning my 95 GT...that was in 2001...I still have it.

    A well maintained 4.6L 2V motor say 99-04 will run!! I had a bone stock 01 GT auto...ran 14.20's on Goodyear Eagles. My friend has a 03 GT vert..5spd. 4.10, CFDX clutch, beefed up Tremec trans, and M/T E/T Streets. He ran [email protected] is pretty good....stock exhaust, stock tune!! Another buddy has one with an intercooled Procharger and he runs high 11's on a stock motor.
  18. 4.6 DOHC, yes taking the plunge this winter it's going in my 90GT
  19. I often think about trading my 91 for a new edge Mustang 99+... My girlfriend wants a 4 eye stang, I'm trying to convince her a 2005 Mustang would be a better deal.

    The only reason is because of AGE, not the car's fault at all. But even after looking at deals on the internet for a newer GT for an hour or so. I just have to drive around in my old hatch for 10 minutes to change my mind. I don't know if the 99+ can loose traction from a 30+mph roll or not but it sure is fun in an old fox :lol: