you think you will take the 4.6 plunge in the future?

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  1. My dad drive a 5 spd 02 GT and i love that car. Its just so civilized. Eventually...and i mean within the next 5 years, i will own a mach 1 or terminator. it will happen!
  2. I have had a 96 GT and it was a good car and ran very smooth but I wouldn't own a another 2v. I test drove a mach 1 and fell in love but I couldn't find a decent deal on one. I will have a 3 or 4v 4.6 car one day. I love the S197 body style and really like the newer chassis but the mach is unique and pretty strong from the factory.
  3. wha?? i thought you loved your car.. I thought with just cams and intake you were putting down good power???
  4. I had both .They both have their pro's and cons.
    My fox is light,good handling ,nice interior(updated to newer specs),and good overall power compaired to a n/a mod motor.

    I miss my 99 also basicly for the power and handling it had.It was the best of all worlds.But was EXPENSIVE to build compaired to a fox body..Thankfully i can do all my own wrenching.

    2v kenne bell 2.2 blower ,cobra IRS,cobra brakes.


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  5. Only if i somehow came across a Terminator parts car and could swap the blown 4.6 into my coupe....that's also one of the only ways i'd go EFI.
  6. It isn't a bad thing to go for, my girlfriend's brother did the civil engineer thing at started out at 42k right out of school.

    My brother is going for is a bit tougher...but a bit more money:)

    My uncle is an industrial engineer and my dad is an electrical engineer (got a couple business masters as well)...

    I like the engineering idea:nice:
  7. I dont see myself getting a 4.6 any time in the near future.
    Ive only had the 5.0 about a year and really havent had alot of time to enjoy it due to it becoming a bit more of a project than I planned.
  8. I like a few of them but aside from the 03 Cobra, I really don't see myself buying one.
  9. Only a 4v for me. My 331 will be all the motor I ever need, though. I love the new body style mustangs, though! I'm unimpressed by the 3v, though it's clearly better than the anemic 2v. If I got a new mustang, I might have to throw my 331 in it... That'd be kinda backwards - putting a pushrod motor in a new mustang, lol

  10. I took the 4.6L plunge and loved it.

    There are a ton of good things about the 4.6L platform.

    Only reason i'm selling mine however is because i like Fox Mustangs and i can get more money for the '03 than the Fox as a DP for my next ride :)
  11. blasphemy!!!! remember that 4.6 will still eat its serving of modded 5.0's all day long, I dont know how its gonna do against the notch, but well see soon!!
  12. I sold my 91 so I could save up money to by an 03 Mach 1. Its a great car and I wouldn't get rid of it for anything but I also wish that I hadn't sold my 91 to buy it. Ended up buying a 93 GT and then an 88 SSP to soothe my craving for a fox.

    So the wife drives the Mach 1 as a DD and I drive my 88 SSP on weekends and after work. The Mach is much more refined than the 88 but that is part of what I like about the 88. No power mirrors, roll up windows, no power locks. It has AC and that is about it. And it has lots of little quirks like most 20 year old cars do. That is part of what I love about it. Most of my friends wonder why I drive a car like that when I could afford a new one. Cause its was what I like. :nice:
  13. It really depends..A good H/C/I 5.0 will eat a n/a (2v)4.6 ..Not based on power alone but they are also lighter..

    You should see the torque curve of a mod motor vs a good h/c/i car..The 5.0 wins that hands down.

    Based on MOST 5.0 owners throw on a few parts and think its the fastest thing around..Yea a 4.6 will own them.DOne that with my n/a 2v (270rwhp with only bolt ons).

    4.6's dont have near the torque a good 5.0 puts out.

    But throw a power adder on a 4.6 and watch out.:jaw:
  14. I'd like to own another 4.6 someday ... but NOT with an automatic behind it. The AODE and 4R70W trannies (especially the early- to mid-90's) behind them in most Ford vehicles are CRAP. I'm sick of changing out 1-2 accumulator pistons, worrying about a weak OD band, and dealing with the torque converter shudder problem. The 4.6 motor, itself, is a beautiful thing, really, but Ford had a bad habit of putting a crap tranny behind it for a long time; the later 4R70W's have most of the bugs ironed out by '99, but still, I've just got a lot more faith in T-5's and T-56's as far as longevity and simplicity is concerned.

    Who knows, maybe someday if/when I pay off my credit card debt and I can afford to save up some bucks on the side (and if/when gas mileage isn't such a major issue for me), I can score me a nice used 4.6 5-speed SN95 for a daily driver. I know they're not the fastest thing on the road, but they look nice enough, and they're solid beasts.
  15. I had an 01 GT that ran in the 11's with some bolt on's but i sold it for my 91 coupe. Why? Much more fun and easier to work on. The 4.6 isn't too aftermarket friendly yet. If i had to do it again it would definately be a 4 valve. The only way i would buy another 2 valve is if it was a specialty car like a Saleen or Roush or Steeda. I don't think the mod motors can compete with a pushrod for the same money.
  16. Give the market time to adjust...

    We can't honestly expect the aftermarket to be the same as 5.0L as we can the 4.6L can we?

    Peak torque is 100 rpm higher (same torque) than the 5.0L. You race in the 3,500-4,000+ range...95% of your race doesn't care about what most perceive as 'torque'...

    Once your off the line - it is 4.6L...

    The 2v is more advanced than the pushrod. It is better, just the aftermarket is still coming along...

    Comparing the 4.6L and the 5.0L should be like comparing a 331 vs. a 302.
  17. The aftermarket is there.

    There are TB's, plenums, heads, cams, exhaust, intake manifolds, pullies and such all out for the 2V. You can easily make over 300HP crank with bolt ons. I've have friends put 270-280HP to the wheels with simple bolt ons.

    They have impressed me a ton in my 3-4 years of owning one
  18. 284 hp with a pi head swap here but had every other bolt imaginable with that
  19. yeah running like ass as well, so maybe 300hp?
  20. I did the backwards thing too. Had my 4.6 first now just bought my notch. My 2V eats 4V's. There is something about having a stock looking early SN95 and then smoking a terminator at the track and seeing the termy owners face. Makes me grin from ear to ear. I'm sure I'll like my fox, just haven't had much seat time yet and they drive quite rough, obviously an age issue not just a car issue. Not too impressed with the 4bolt wheels though, I'll have to swap those out ASAP.