You want wide? IVE GOT YOUR WIDE!

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  1. 345/18's :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:



  2. Damn nice. If the huge ass tires or "COBRA" bumper doesn't intimidate anyone, I'm sure the gas tank will show them what's up.
  3. Yes, seeing those braided lines can be quite the deterrent lol, the mega tires will confirm to simply, back off Jack.
  4. Damn thats sexy! Anyone know what kind of tires those are? I think they are BFs....
  5. pretty sure they are BFG's.

    on a side note, did he paint some fr's black and put a red lip on them? looks pretty sick...:nice:
  6. What the, does pavement fly off the road when you punch the gas?!
  7. sexy man never seen 345s
  8. dam, that cobra has ASS
  9. wow!! awesome... puts the viper to shame!
  10. sexy
  11. thats so awesome!

    id like to see whats under the hood!!!!!

    if its a dressed up 6 ill knock someone out! :jester:
  12. Sweet. Those are some huge tires. I wonder what those rims are. They would be kinda cool if they were like a stamped steel painted flat back.
  13. thats sick. i wonder what some 03' cobra's would look like black w/ a silver lip. lol!
  14. Yeah, what he said:
  15. They are BFG's 345/30/18. They are powdercoated FR 500's, widened by Weldcraft to 12.5" with red pin stripe tape he did himself. There are close up pics somewhere of the tape and it looks good.
  16. It's an f'n steamroller, ha.
  17. Engine.jpg
    Motor specs:

    03 cobra iron block .020 bored over
    5.0l Stroker kit
    Manley H-beam forged rods
    Manley 11cc forged pistons
    Stock ''C'' heads/cams
    Stock intake and t/b


    Tremec TKO600 tranny
    Spec stg. 3 clutch
    aluminum drive shaft
    8.8 Solid rear axle with 3.31 gears


    Custom (garage built by me) Turbonetics GT-K1000 kit (t76 .96 a/r)
    4 inch down pipe with 3.5'' oval DMH electric cutout
    Turbosmart 50mm w/g
    Eboost2 boost controller
    procharger race bov
    Stock exhaust manifolds
    hot and cold side ceramic coated
    hot side wrapped
    Paxton a/a intercooler
    3.5'' pipe from i/c to t/b

    Fuel system:

    Aeromotive A1000 pump and filters
    Aeromotive fuel pump controller
    Aeromotive sumped fuel tank
    Aeromotive fuel rails and regulator
    Siemens deka low impedence 83lbs injectors
    Acceleronics injector driver
    PMAS maf sensor 30T (Blow thru)
  18. Your engine is now my back ground on my computer.:nice::flag: Oh before I forget.:hail2: