You Wanted a Video...You Got a Video

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  1. Here's a quick clip of me at the track this past weekend. It includes the exhaust sound, sequentials, and a quick view of the wheels :) Too bad YouTube cut the video off before I got a red light on that run. :rlaugh:

    That run :owned: my car...
  2. Turn signals look coolio!
  3. What did you run? And is that the track just outside Waco?
  4. i wish i could do a burnout but my clutch slips everytime
  5. Ive never seen tree's so close to the track. what happens in fall!?
  6. Props for doing a proper burn out. :nice: The whole stab the accelerator, dump the clutch, then dive on the brakes move that so many do is so amateur. Working the heel/toe method shows that you’re not stranger to doing a burn out.
  7. Amen to this!! I've always used heel-toe but have noticed that people are doing the method you described .. it's weak ... makes the car look all jerky
  8. Thanks. I got a few compliments on them at the track :D It was a Mustang cruise to the there were about 100 other mustangs there :d Not one of them had the same kit (sequential/chase/factory selectable) I had, I don't think ;) A few did have original sequentials though :d

    I personally ran a 15.3. When sicK96GT ran my car, I was pissed. He got a 15.0. That was with about 150lbs worth of tools and other stuff in the trunk. Also, he only ran it once, and got a VERY bad reaction time (around 1.0 :(). I think my car is capable of doing 14.7s if not 14.5s. What's the norm for an exhaust/gears NPI GT convertible? What about stock?

    The track is one of two that are just outside of Waco. This one is about 40 miles outside of Waco, whereas Prairie Hill I think is about 20 miles away.

    Where do you live, speedfreak98r?

    Yeah, it was crazy. I guess they sweep them up with a four wheeler or something. This track is section of an old highway. It's REALLY room at all.

    Thanks man. It's the logical way I see to do a burnout without a brake lock. I really don't do many burnouts, as these are performance tires and are expensive as hell and don't wanna waste them.
  9. Very cool. :nice:

    I love when you guys post your videos!
  10. Your stang sounds sweet!! :nice:
  11. Thanks man. I really appreciate that. I thought about the exhaust setup (catback) for about 8 months before I finally bought it. I got a KILLER deal on it...would do it again in a heartbeat. The X pipe was the FIRST mod I did...and it's stuck with me this whole way. :D It's also one of my favorites, hehe.
  12. whoops, didnt type anything..

    the trees are very close, and riding that close to someone down the track if your neck and neck is weird, thank god it never happened to me. haha
  13. i really wish i could figure out the heal to toe thing, i dont think my clutch is adjusted properly or something because my clutch doesnt disengage until lits all the way in and doesnt engage until its all the way out which makes doing a burnout hard as hell because i cant get my toe to push my clutch all the way in without taking my heel off the brake
  14. then heal/toe the gas/brake
  15. Like this? :D

    ...and it has a factory 2 step...:D
  16. That's how you're suposed to do it.
    I couldn't get any sound on it for some reason, but since you didn't stay still for one moment throughout that whole burn out, It's pretty safe to say you did it wrong. :D
  17. :nice:
  18. Take a cruise down here to Baytown to run at Houston Raceway ;)

    I have made plenty of 15 second passes in the summer heat, though even with the 3.08s and an automatic, they have been better than a 15.3 :shrug: Do you have the 60' and 1/8th times? What did you trap at?