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  1. Average 60ft was about 2.3. 1/8th was:

    10.1, 9.97, 9.71 (sicK96GT driving), 9.90, 9.96, 9.96, 9.88, 9.86.

    I know I can do better than these because I personally drove my car to a 9.840 all stock 'cept O/R X. That was before my gears, SFCs, K&N, etc.

    Traps were 87.5, 89.45, 90.23, 89.43, 90.47, 88.93, 90.00, and 74.75...yeah, I know. I knew this one was my last run before I even did it. The 74.75 trap was the run that the video was recorded on. ;) That burnout did NOTHING for me since I have really good street tires. lol
  2. Way I do it ... Put my right foot, heel on the brake and toe on the gas ... Left foot is free to do the clutch. Just gotta get the '**** your foot sideways' thing down ..

    lol .. it blocked c0ck
  3. hahahahaha, yeah that's how I do it too. Seems like the only logical way to do it to me.
  4. Burning out on street tires is probably what netted you such high 60ft times to begin with. They've got no sidewall to wrinkle and their surface compound is far too hard. Blowing off street tires for the most part does nothing more than make them "greasy" and a light scuff is usually all thats needed just to clean off rocks and debris that might have been picked up on the way to the starting line!

    I used to get my best 60ft times on street tires from doing no burn out at all and running the stock 30-32psi in them.
  5. Dang! Thanks for that info! I will take that into consideration when I go to the track next time. Seriously, thanks a LOT!!!

    I did a SMALL burnout (probably just a chirp) each time I went to the stage. Just because I thought it would help if I warmed up the tires. I was TOTALLY wrong.
  6. I usually cut 2.15-2.19s in the 60' with my automatic on cheap tires. I avoid the water box on my runs, then do a very slight spin of the tires which is usually a chirp. I do that to make sure that there isn't any water on the tires since at times, just one of the rear tires will get wet which spinning one tire off the line isn't fun at all :nonono: There is no point at all to "warm up" the street tires, just make sure they are dry :D

    Your trap is also a bit lower than I would have expected it to be. I trap in the 92-93 range and in the 94s at times. I don't know why your car wouldn't do the same especially with gears :shrug: I have a slip here where I ran a 14.942 (not far from what Sick did in your car) though a 9.6 1/8 and a 92.91 trap. :shrug: I believe the track locations/heat have most to do with our differences.
  7. that heat must kills your auto 96 gt ran 14.5 at 96 with a 2.3 60 with 3.73s,l/t other vaious crap.
  8. Oh...I think I've been to that one..Not sure though. I live south of Houston (not South Houston). I went to college at TSTC in Waco. :nice:
  9. Woooooooot! What technology and major? What teachers did you have?

    I'm on my 2nd year there right now. :D God I love this school.
  10. At Temple they don't let anyone go around the waterbox b/c half of their parking lot is gravel/dirt mix. They make everyone go through it in order to cut down on the dust/dirt carried onto the track. IMO this factored into the fact that many peeps that day were getting higher 60' times than normal. There was water all down the track to and I had to abandon a few runs while being WOT in third due to hitting a patch of water and starting to get sideways. HRP was a good track when I ran, but my mph was down comparatively speaking to what I get over here at SAR and Temple (112 as opposed to 114). Also seemed that peeps were running slower traps overall than what I thought they should have been. Fun times though......

  11. are all of those 1/8th traps? cause 90 is way high for an 1/8th trap, unless you have more mods than i've seen :shrug:
  12. I'm pretty sure they were his 1/4 traps....
  13. Automotive technology :nice:

    Dont really remember my teachers names :scratch:

    You love that school? I could'nt stand all the farm raised goobs up there :nonono:
  14. Agreed. You're not stabbing the nitrous half way up the track on those runs and not telling us, are you. :D

    During the few 1/8th mile events I ran, my old 5.0L GT would run low-9's and high-8's with 2.05-2.20 60ft times and the best I was able to trap was 84.5mph? :shrug: And it was making a lot more power than a stock SN95.

    Why would he post 1/8th mile times and 1/4 mile traps.
  15. He posted his 1/4 mile times as well and I was wondering his traps on the runs. Check back on the first page ;)

    I also was wondering about his 1/8th mile times, which is why he posted :D
  16. This is correct. Those were 1/8th mile ETs and 1/4th mile traps.

    Thanks for clearin' that up, d98gt :)
  17. everyone should have heard topless when I pulled up in his car "get out of my fu$king car right now!" I was just laughing my ass off. I wish I could have run my car that day.. but with the stupid tire flat... grr:bang:
  18. Should have used one of his rims ;) unless you have larger Cobra rims :shrug:
  19. :rlaugh: You know I wasn't really pissed. I was actually excited to see that my car had that potential.

    By the way...that guy Juan that I bought the parts from tonight, he said that he usually runs low 13s. He said he couldn't get out of the 14s at TAD...that might explain something.

    I think my car has SOME potential...we'll take it to Prairie Hill and see :D

    P.S. Does anyone know if a MAC Cobra fender mount CAI thingy will fit on a GT?
  20. all same size, i didnt want to burn 1000 miles off his new tires for just one pass :D