You will ALL find this useful

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  1. This site can come in VERY handy- thought I would share it with you-

    This automotive database includes 150 easy-to-read, illustrated auto repair manuals on all auto repair procedures for about 21,000 vehicles; more than 56,000 Technical Service Bulletins; wiring diagrams; and labor time estimates. Text and many images will be available in PDF and GIF format. Every major manufacturer for domestic and imported vehicles is represented including auto repair manuals for most vintage makes starting as far back as 1954. New repair procedures/updates will be added continuously, and Technical Service Bulletins will be added on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    user id: greatfalls

    password: publiclibrary
  2. thanks, i'll make sure and go through it.
  3. How long before they shut down that account? :D
  4. Its for a library Im guessing so never I guess/hope.
  5. Thanks for the link!
  6. Thanks man, that should come in handy :nice:
  7. Great find :hail2:
  8. Great find man! I just cruised through a little of it and it's a great source of info. Good job!
  9. Very cool. I hope they don't take it down, I think this information should be available to all vehicle owners who want to do it themselves and not get stiffed by the rising cost of auto repair. Thanks a ton, lets hope it stays up and open!
  10. Awesome thanks
  11. sweet, i just saved all the TSBs for my car.
  12. Awesome; thanks!

    So....5w-20 for our cars, I guess? :)
  13. They keep changing it for a while Ford said 10w30 then they back speced it to 5w20. I run 10w30 and now problems at all.