You will all thank me for this

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  1. Paris hate thread #2?
  2. LMAO... COPY PASTE FROM SITE... I almost Pist Myself

    Crabby live under dress of Paris Hilton and enjoy happy time with plenty of air and sunshine. Paris like to shamelessly show Crabby off and one sees photos of him all over internet if one should look closely with braveness.
  3. no....

    this isn't a paris hilton hate thread. it just so happens i am an advocate for the humane treatment of crabs.

    crustaceans are people too! ( well, expect for the fact that they're not really people. )

    imagine you're a happy little crab. you're roaming along some beach when suddenly you get rolled over by some frolicking drunk self-obsessed psychotic debutante hosebeast. there's a line of drunk guys standing behind her, all waving bottles of cheap hooch. ( or waving at her cheap hooch, that's a matter of perception ) So, you being the smart little crab that you are, you run for cover in a dark, damp place. you think you've found a groovy sea shell, but NO! suddenly you find yourself trapped in a horrible precipice that stinks of money and cocaine that is constantly being probed by all manner of objects. you try your best but you can't escape. do you have any idea how hard it is to climb a slippery incline when you walk sideways and don't have opposable thumbs?!?!?!

    dammit, if only steve irwin were still with us!
  4. What a classy thread
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