You will love this story!

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  1. Some of you may remember my post last month "Im stupid, and a little mad" about the powder blue civic that I spanked so he called his father the sheriff and I got a tickett, $296 BTW.

    Last night me and my buddy were in Mexia. I had just pulled up to the light on the main drag in front of Shell and guess who pulls right next to me. The little duchbag in his girly blue civic (I refuse to capitolize civic as it is not a real car). I look over and give him the one finger salute, to which he shouts " I will smoke you from a stop". Now I will speed down a deserted farm road, and will usually spin the wheels for fun at thoes same stop signs but I will NEVER do it in the city, or stop light drag. Too much can go wrong. He starts reving the engine and I catch sight of a cop car TWO CARS BEHIND THE cIVIC:nice: I look over at him and nod:D Light turns green and he drops the clutch from like 6 grand and just lights the crap out of his tires across the intersection while I on the otherhand launch at 800 rpm and barley breath on the gas pedal. He does not get 50 feet before the cop lights him up and pulls him over right in front of Sonic. This I had too see so I pulled in Sonic and me and my buddy order a couple DrPeppers. We can hear the cop yelling at this kid and are laughing our arses off:rlaugh: But wait, it gets better! The officer has him get out of the car and performs a sobriety test, which he apparently fails because the cop tells him to put his hands behind his back because he is under arrest for suspicion of DWI:rlaugh: I could not hear everything so as the tow truck arrives I approach this other guy who was in a stall right next to where the civic got pulled over and ask him what that was about? He says the cop told the kid he was getting a ticket for exhibition of speed, wreckless driving, loud exaust, no seatbelt and window tint and apparently the kid gave the cop a hard time and said his dad was the Sheriff and he would get the tickets taken care of, to which the cop asked if he had anything to drink:rlaugh:
    You all were right, good things come to those who wait:nice: Sometimes I think my life is a sitcom. BTW I tried to take pics with my camera phone but it was dark and its a Razor so no flash:( I would of loved to show the story:rolleyes:
  2. :rlaugh: you couldnt have asked for sanything better to happen to the little punk
  3. Payback is a mother f'ker, well played :nice:
  4. how could you get a ticket from the kid calling his dad? if a cop wasn't there to witness it, no evidence, and only has one supposed witness, he can't ticket you.
  5. Don't fool yourself, you can get a ticket for anything, anytime, anywhere. Now getting a judge to say you have to pay it may be a different thing, but you can always be written the ticket.
  6. Search for the "Im stupid, and a little mad" thread in 4.6 Talk, explains the whole thing. Short: They live on that stretch of road FM-709 and the father was up the road at home and got the call, went on the road and lasered me @ 90mph. Good cop, bad kid:nonono:
  7. Wow that is quite possibly one of the most satisfying turn of events I have ever read.
  8. what goes around comes around

    that sum **** had what was coming to him

  9. You already said that:shrug:
  10. Now you need to run into him one more time, so you can smile and wave.
  11. I know and absolutley love it, my ticket is $296 his will be in the thousands:nice: :rlaugh: :flag:
  12. dude, even I feel satisfied from that story.
  13. +1, I was pissed after the last thread. This provides so much closure:p
  14. Karma got the moron, dang that made my day :rlaugh:
  15. I would contact your local news. Draw attention to the fact that the sheriffs son was arrested. That would add even more salt to the wound.
  16. ehh.. I dunno about this one. That's going after the sheriff and he hasn't done anything wrong except have a douchebag son. Sure, he pulled orange92gt over the first time, but he WAS speeding and he didn't know his son was the other culprit.

    I don't think you want to be on the sheriff's list..

    I think a nice wave when you pull up to him next time will complete the circle.. :nice:

  17. What goes around, comes around. Haha that's great. I would have pulled in the sonic, got a drink and then leaned on my hood and watched it all
  18. Apparently good things DO come to those who wait! :nice: