You will love this story!

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  1. I'm glad that little bass-terd got what he deserved!:rlaugh: :nice:
  2. Yeah the sheriff is a nice guy and was just doing his job, its my first ticket ever and if I drive more responsiably it will be my last:nice:

    We were, trust me. That Sonic on fri and sat night has alot of nice American Iron in the lot and everyone was hootin and hollerin (we are rednecks afterall:p ) and giving the ricer alot of chit:rlaugh: I just was not close enough at first and I did have to turn around to get in Sonic so I missed the first part, but the guy with the T-Bird SC was close enough to fill me in on all the tickets the kid got.:rlaugh:
    Bet his dad is :bang: the kid this morning
  3. That is HILARIOUS :rlaugh: Good job :nice:
  4. Thats a great ending to this saga. Couldn't have happened any better. :D
  5. I know, its more fitting than me kicking his arse:)
    Would love to find out how much all his tickets are going to cost him:rlaugh:
  6. in on legendary thread
  7. They should make a movie out of this story.

    Best ending ever.
  8. Id call it The Fast and the Furiously Slow:rlaugh: Mabey I could get Paul Walker to play me:shrug:
  9. Very funny story. Life hardly ever works out this way. Good job.
  10. Fixed.