You will never believe this....or maybe

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  1. You will never believe this....or maybe!!!!

    Did the h/c/i swap approx 4 months the sct chip from JMS.....never had good drivability. I was like wtf...evryone else who has one of these has awesome driveability why not mine. I contacted JMS several times(BTW they were very helpful), and they had me try numerous things...fuel pressure, vacuum leaks, timing....all check out good. Then they told me I did not have it plugged in right.......well guess what.....I DIDN"T PLUG IT IN RIGHT:bang: .The contact were not touching properly. There was still a little bit of that rubber that was on slot for the computer were the chip plugs in.....I scraped it off gently....sanded unitll a little bronze, cleaned with alcohol, re-installed and BAMNMMM. Its 12:00 at night and I just started my car up in the garage to reveal A rock solid cammy idle, no surging, no stalling....its a miracle, the car runs just like it did before....maybe next time I will not be such a dumb a$$ and take my time.:rlaugh: oh well just had to rant. Oh yeah and I woke my wife up and she is Pissed:mad:
  2. Why would you car be mad if you woke her up?

  3. Glad to hear you got it. Way back, had I not seen all the posts about connector prep, I would have done the same thing, bud. Glad to hear you woke it up. :nice:
  4. Thats Great News :banana:

    As for Mama ........

    The Stang will run Great whether she is mad OR glad :rlaugh:

    Don't tell her I said that ;)


  5. LMAO.

    Glad to hear you her going! (The car, that is.)
  6. So ya say "well baby beings your up how about we have a little fun"
  7. :lol: :lol:
    I was starting to think you guys misunderstood car wasn't mad, it was my wife who I woke up at 12:30:D
  8. Any victory burnouts yet?
  9. I can't believe you put it in.....I had mine done and set specific for all my mods to get the most out of it......I took it to Lasota racing and it was part of the dyno fee and didn't have to touch the chip....just my seven different settings in the glove box...I know you and I are basically set up the same so far as mods....
  10. i just got one of those mail order ones from jms chips....i told them everything I had aand to delete egr...yadda yadda YADDA... I wouls still like to get it dyno tuned....but the chip is set up for everything I have.
  11. That's cool that everything has come take it out for a test yet?
  12. it is amazing it ran at all before! good news on the tune. what's the next project?
  13. Good to here you got it worked out! I just want to throw out here that THE FOLKS AT JMS ARE A-1! I'm working about 40 miles from there shop and also getting ready to put in my new 354. I had heard all the problems with the eec-4 and figured I would stop in and ask some questions about tuning and a chip. I met with Steve and he was one of the most helpful and knowledgable people I ever met. He answered any questions I had and took the time to explain every question I had and also gave alot more info and tips. I filled out a tech sheet and they burned me a mild start up chip. As soon as I get it broke in I'm taking it back for a dyno tune.It's a pretty nice facility with both a mustang and and dynojet chassis dynos. BTW they had 21 mustangs and a couple of lightnings and a harley truck sitting in the lot. This is not just a mail order chip company, these guys know their *****.:nice:
  14. OT: Whats the difference in a "mustang" dyno and a normal dyno
  15. It's just the brand name,I'm not that "up' on dyno's ,sombody elese here could explain it better. The mustang dyno is different in that it is a load bearing dyno and seems to give a more accurate reading as to what the car will do while driving, at least that was what I have read:shrug:
  16. Oh lol I thought it was one special made for mustangs
  17. Dynojet is actually an accelerometer whereby it uses a 3000-3200 pound drum that is used to create an inertia load on the vehicle being tested. The vehicle's horsepower (HP) and torque try to overcome the weight/inertia of the drum to accelerate it. As a result the software and electronics try to measure the horsepower and torque that the vehicle is developing to overcome the drum's weight and inertia. The resulting horsepower and torque will be higher than a true loading dyno because once the drum starts rolling not as much power is needed to keep it going. Example -- When pushing a car on a flat road, once the car starts moving not as much power (effort) is needed to keep it going. The software does not ask for vehicle weight or anything like horsepower needed to maintain 50 MPH (a number that is actually put out by E.P.A. and N.H.T.S.A.).

    The Mustang dyno is a true loading dyno, because it uses an inertia weight as well as an eddy current motor that is attached to the rollers. This eddy current motor creates a drag on the shaft by way of electricity that causes a magnetic field to try and overcome the torque going through the roller shafts. This current is controlled by software that is always trying to simulate load as if the car is driving in real world conditions. The real benefit from the loading dyno is the ability to maintain a load that allows a tuner to properly go through a fuel map or ignition map and tune the chip for optimum horsepower and torque. It has the ability to also simulate the IM240 emissions test as required in some states. It can check 1/4 mile times as well as times for 0-60 MPH and 0-100 MPH. It can also be used for road testing and simulation for drivability problems. As a result of the loading capability, the dyno numbers from a mustang dyno will come out lower than the inertia (dynojet) dyno.
  18. :hail2:

    Like I said "sombody else could explain it better
  19. I have never heard of JMS. Do you have the phone number or the website adress?
  20. are good guys. I drove the car and was amazed at how much smoother it bucking or wanting to stall. I didn't drop the hammer though, maybe today I will:D