You wish you had a FOX BODY!

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  1. Beautiful day yesterday. A buddy and I took my notch and his 90 GT for a cruise and then parked at a new corner gas station. This is not a cruise/hangout spot either, we just parked to take a 5 minute break.

    Within those 5 minutes, many people felt the need to squeal the tires, and take off like a bat out of hell at the red lights. Here is the list.....all in 5 minutes.

    1. 97-04 Corvette, red, hartop.
    2. 04-05 Dodge Ram 4X4 Quad Cab HEMI on 20's. :rolleyes:
    3. 02+ Maxima 4dr with black wheels and an automatice trans :notnice:
    4. 05+ 300C, plain jane, just frying the stock Continental tires.
    5. 96-98 V6 Mustang with euro tails.
    6. 98-02 V6 Camaro convertible.
    7. 06+ Audi..not sure on model, but sounded sort of mean.

    I think that is about it. He have decided to go their more often, just for the scenery. It was really funny. BTW....the Maxima actaully was in the parking lot getting gas. He felt the need to do a small burnout in the parking lot, then slap it in nuetral to give a rev. When it went back in drive...we heard...CLUUUNK!!!:rlaugh:
  2. At least they proved their point. Now you know that their cars are much faster than yours! :rolleyes: Btw, what is it with guys in Dodge Hemi trucks wanting to race Mustangs??
  3. I love seeing these guys, they are everywhere!
  4. Hell yeah they proved something!! :D That Dodge Ram guy was STARING us DOOOOWN while driving.

    He must watch too much 2 Fast 2 Furious....."He did the stare and drive on you didn't he.....he got that from me." :D

    BTW...that C5 Vette looked slow. Honest.
  5. "how does a vette look slow?"
  6. thats cause c5s are slow:Track:
  7. I fell for your little MAssive burnout and doughnut vide with 23lbs pounds of boost gay lol :rolleyes:
  8. I had 2 in 1 day a few weeks ago. I was like "No pweez Mr. Dodge Truck man don't show me up in that 5,000 lb pos" :rolleyes:
  9. You know that guy in the dodge commerials that say that thing got a hemi....he is from Hickory NC which is right near me. I use to to live there but moved KINDA:OT:
  10. I don't even bother with trucks anymore, it's just a waste.
  11. I feel the same way when I walk them in my 4,000lb Cougar. :D a C6 on the other other hand. :(
  12. C6 arent slow but i still walk them :D
  13. i didnt read nothing except "what is witht he dodge ram guys wanting to race"
    those trucks are dogs! straight up, that hemi thing must be just a must have got threatened by 20+ rams in my white gt, and ive personally raced 2 rams in my GTI,no one want s to race a gti cause they think they are slow wagons!!!! i pulled on the rams so fast it wasnt even funny. now the v8 tundras's that was another story from what i could remember!
  14. It's funny because when I drive either of my Mustangs, RAM's try so hard to race. When I had my 00 Lightning last summer, none of them tried to race me.....SOOO....tried to race them, but I never got any takers. Man I miss that L.

    So much fun smoking people in a truck. But as far as Ram pickups go...:notnice:
  15. guys must go to the track a lot racing all of these vehicles.......right!!! ;)
  16. Right!!!! :D
  17. If it was a C-5 Hardtop than it was 99-00, after that they were Z06. My 99 FRC Vette was fast but the Termi will stomp it and the Cobra will hang from 30-100, after that I get to much d/s vibration. And yes I wish I had a Fox, If you woulda painted the new one white we woulda had to talk price :nice:
  18. HAHA yeah I know I know. White is nice, but I like white on GT's better than LX's. I needed to go yellow man, this thing is bright as can be. I can't waiiiiit to drive it. I can't wait to get that thing to the cruise spot.
  19. I brought my D/S to a guy and he did a high speed balance on it and life is much much better... just thought you might like to know that..:flag:
  20. Im gonna get an aluminium one when funds permit. I dont bring it to 110 every day, just every other :D