You wish you had a FOX BODY!

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  1. I bought an aluminum one for my 96 and I didn't notice anything. I don't get bad vibrations, bought I hear a slight growning. I recommend high speed balancing your original to save cash, and have them replace U joints while their at it.

    Another thing to consider is replacing the rear seal and brass bushing in the tail shaft. I just had my trans guy come over and change my bushing. There is a special tool he used, that I have never seen before. Now my yoke slides in much tighter than before. I'm sure this insures less noise/vibration too because the shaft has less up/down and back and forth movement. It's got to because had grooves in my old yoke and bushing, and it slid in and out very loose.
  2. Damn, I might get a few looks from people and revs from ricers, but I dont ever get these people showing out all over the place.:shrug: Ram's never try to race me, but Silverados try to run me off the road.:mad:

    Ram's are dogish because my friend walked one in his old LeBaron convertable, the Ram started it of course.
  3. 03 Sonic Blue Terminator 20K in bolt ons 447.53rwhp 459.96rwtq
    Front 255/35/19 on 19x9 HREs
    Rear 295/35/19 on 19x10.5 HREs

    Soooo were the hell did you spend 20k for bolt ons and some rims....:rolleyes:
  4. I know is sounds kinda weird but the way you got the face by the maxima it looks like you might be disrespecting it.....I am not saying they are really fast but the 03+ maximas run in the 14's, and for a front wheel drive, four door family car, with an automatic tranny, that's not that bad at all, I seriously think the only car on your list that is faster is the c5, but that's just my opinion, I'm not trying to start anything:D
  5. sorry I'm reposting trying to see if my sig is up..
  6. stop picking on rams! lol but seriously, i could give a rats arse about the gas pick-ups but i love my dad's Cummins diesel. i mean, for a 3 ton pick-up, it scoots.
  7. Diesel performance is out of this world this day and age. A friend of mine leased a Harley Davidson F350 with all the toys. He put a plug in chip and I could tell night an day difference. That thing just smoked the tires like no other. He got rid of it after 5 months because 700 per month plus insurance.....:notnice:
  8. He didn't do anything to the MAxima. Our cars were parked with the engines off. We were just standing there talking, minding our own business, when he gives the rev and the burnout in a gas station parking lot and then try to show off.

    When we left, we just left as quietly as possible, but my buddies 90 GT has a 392 in it, so that thing is ground shaking.
  9. ohhh you don't have anything to worry about then!!! There's a couple of weak years where a stang might have a problem with a maxima though...but luckily most of us o here know enough to know when we are biting off a little too much:D
  10. eh, my dad being 43, the truck being 18 and him never having an infraction helps him when it comes to those sort of things. he hasnt done much to it though, upped the boost and put in a switch for the lock-up torque converter as he prefers to lock it himself since the trannys... eh:notnice: but he likes to estimate around 600ft/lb torque... horsepower, though, kind of irrelevant. a friend of his used to do truck pulls with an old turbo diesel dogde with toys like some turbo off of a tractor, lots of boost and some meth mixed in.... the guy who bought it off of him dynoed it at 1200 ft/lb torque.:nice:
  11. I need a sticker that says "WEDGE OWNED YER HEMI"
  12. IS that the maxima in the background of the first pic?

    I rarely get anyone doing stuff like that when im out in the stang, it kinda sucks!

    Nice looking cars though :nice:
  13. :lol:

    The Notch.... The.... N-n-notch....... :drool: :hail2:

  14. MR. Excessive Speed---Yes, that is the one. Some skinny looking 17 year old kid. IT was funny because after he pulled the hole shot when he turned the corner by the gas station sign, he took off, disappeared, then came walking back. :shrug:

    MY buddy was like WTF? I said....maybe he is looking for some parts from 2nd gear he sounded like he left behind.:D :rlaugh:

    Frankenstang----HAHA Thank you, thank you!!!!
    :D :) :flag:
  15. :lol: CLASSIC!
  16. YEah it was....He was looking for something right in that area, pacing back and forth. When we finally left, he was walking back and his car was pulled over on a side street.......??? Don't know what happened? Of course it was then he gave him a fly-by!!!