YOU...with 4:10's and auto's.....????

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by drakesdad, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Looking for first hand info and trap speed with your auto's with 4:10' you hit a wall before OD........more of a track situation......
  2. With the mods in my sig and OD off I cross the line at about 5200rpms in 3rd gear at around 90mph.
  3. Haven't been to the track yet since the 4R70W swap but on an empty road in 3rd I'm at around 100 at 5600.

    This is a 4R70W, 2800 Edge, 4.10, 245/45/17
  4. with my auto and 4:10 i was topped out crossing at like 103 or something like that thats with OD off
  5. Okay, AODE 4:10 guys,
    Did you need to adjust your shift points? Do you hit the limiter??
  6. I think you are what Post I was looking for.....b/c of your set up.........I've got the Track heat combo 3400 stall with all supporting mods like fuel pump, 24's...MAF and TB.......NO matter what I get in the ET it seems I am always in the 100. something or 99 . something..........I'm really thinking it's the gear......when I get back from football practice I'm going to post several different runs and we can tear them apart.......
    Thanks all you guys for your posts...
  7. Any 4:10 guys have info on this?
    Sorry to hijack.
  8. Ditto, with 4.10's 3rd gear won't get you accross the finish line if you trap much more than 100 mph without raising the rev limiter.