YOU with Fuel Pressure Regulators?????

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  1. What psi do you have your FPR set at? I set mine at 39. Just seeing what others are running at...
  2. you mean FPR? (Fuel Pressure Regulator?) I think you do, just to clarify.
  3. Davin, thanks for the catch, I changed it. I'm a idiot.....looking at way too many acronyms today........stupid is as stupid does:shrug: Run Forest, Run
  4. :p

    Been there, done that. I think I'm at about 45# through 30# injectors but I'm still fine tuning at the moment.:nice:
  5. Why does this pertain to only AFR headed cars..hahahahah
  6. i've got mine at 38#, but i don't really think it is high enough still trying it out..

  7. I drove mine in the post snow, wet pavement climant tonight just because I could not stand it and when I was in Mcdonald's drive through it just seemed to be rich.......but then again I need some custom
  8. IMO.... fuel pressure regulators are not worth the money in our vehicles. The stock computer will eventually regulate it down to the equivalent of 39#s anyway. Instead of bumping fuel pressure, get bigger injectors and tune that way, leaving the fuel pressure at 39 PSI.

  9. I had mine at 42 with 24# injectors. At idle it was rich. But on the dyno it was right where it should be.
  10. I forgot who on here told me that if I was around 38 or 39 I would be in the ball park. I am running 24's and have to put in the 255 fuel pump and then the decision is.....custom tune/chip or tweecer. I have been reading up on some of the tweecer info and they sell for 580.00 give or take.....I have a lap top I bought for something like this but I have to admit I am a little leary of messing something up.......:shrug:
  11. I have mine set to like 41-42 psi. I used to run at 45 and wideband at dyno said I was starting at about 13.5 and at 6k it worked all the way down to 12.5 so I figured I could drop it a bit. THis is on 24 lb. injectors.
  12. So you guys think I'm safe at 39 with 24's?
  13. I changed the thread title.

    Mine is at 38psi. My fuel settings are done through my PMS.
  14. Thanks Joe, I tried when I changed the comments in the thread but I must not possess your omnipotent power......:D
  15. 39psi, I tune with a Tweecer r/t.