You won't believe this one....

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  1. I was chilling at yesterday when a guy from another store comes up, as I was looking at Stangnet and says, "I know someone that is selling a Shaker hood for cheap". So I tell him to call his friend and he does, then I get on the phone and ask him what kind of car it was on, why he is selling it and what the price was. It came off his 01 Performance Red GT because he bought a 00 Cobra R hood and he didn't like the way the Shaker looked.

    So I went to look at it lastnight after work, told him I want it, and I asked him how much........he tells me $40!!!!! I swear to God, I about shat my pants. This is a perfect hood, with the CDC kit already professionally installed, and he has the scoop. I went to his house on lunch, picked it up and it is going in for paint tomorrow. The ONLY problem with this is, he is missing the ducting, drainage tubes and the hardware. But hell, those part will cost a maximum of $200. I will have an entire CDC Shaker hood kit, with new hood and paint for less than $350. :nice:
  2. kool beans.

    be sure to post pics after the install. :nice:
  3. Yeah def get some pics up...I love the shaker hood. Ya gotta love it when someone doesnt care about taking a loss.